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    Does anyone get the message from webpage: “Element does not exist in DOM!” whenever they visit a new page on TOS, or is it just me?

    What does it mean?



    I get that when I look at TOS pages on my phone. I assumed it was just my phone being an arse.


    Jonathan Capps

    G&T Admin

    Sounds like a JavaScript error. Trying to find something in the HTML that isn’t there.


    Kris Carter

    Yeah I get that message on every page, Mac or PC, whatever browser I try it with. Did Ellard snap the key in the lock when he left or something?


    Ben Paddon


    Code Monkey

    Oops, bad Code Monkey! Fixed a bit of dubious code – must’ve been eating a dodgy banana that day – and you should find you’re no longer getting that error…


    Code Monkey

    Mmm, it occurs to me that this is probably not the best site to attempt using the phrase “eating a dodgy banana” in an entirely innocent manner…

    * Climbs back up tree *


    Jonathan Capps

    G&T Admin

    * Climbs back up tree *

    Oooh, pardon!


    Code Monkey

    Yeah, that didn’t really help either, did it…


    Seb Patrick

    Oddly, I had never seen that error before.

    I also didn’t know that the Code Monkey had been a member of G&T for over four years…


    Danny Stephenson

    G&T Admin

    Cheeky hidden Code Monkey…


    Code Monkey

    Well, it takes quite a lot to drag me away from playing with my coconuts…

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