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    ChuckleVision influenced Red Dwarf in many ways. But I was just wondering what your favourite episodes were of the series?

    Ben Saunders

    Sorry I didn’t catch that, could you ask again?

    Stephen R. Fletcher

    What if… the Chuckle brothers had ended up in stasis instead of Lister. How would that have affected the dynamics of the show?

    Pete Part Three

    I don’t know much about ChuckleVision, but my favourite Jawscvmcdia thread is the one where he finally twigs that everyone on G+T is fully aware that *he* knows how fucking insufferable and deliberately troll-worthy his threads are, and decides to post it on some other forum to alleviate his obvious boredom.


    I can’t actually remember any single CV episode, though I know I’ve seen many. All I can remember is them having a kind of common plot where they are handymen or removal men and do something wrong, like dropping everything or breaking something.

    I read once that there is a culture of people online that analyse CV and see complex metaphors for Northern life in it.


    The one where they build a bell for the local church, carry it across town, but lose it. Repeatedly. Each time they end up making a bigger bell.

    Also the one where they’re on an airfield (I think?) and they each think the other has some terminal illness so start treating each other nicely for some reason.

    And the one where they’re trying to climb a mountain.

    Generally I like the ones where they’re left to get on with things themselves. When other characters become involved, I never liked it as much.


    Out of interest, was the use of Chuckle Brothers during the Dimension Jump XX opening ceremony a reference to me?


    Nah, the Chuckle Brothers were funny.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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