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    So in the thread “Font Help”, Flanl was looking for help identifying fonts with an eye on creating his own Alternative Region 1 cover for RDXI to match the previous releases. I found most of the fonts and thought “I’m not doing anything, I’ll have a go” and thus, a thread was born.

    I’ll be posting the covers here as I do them, so far I’ve got a Region 1 XI DVD that I’m happy with and a Region 1 BtE DVD that I’m mostly happy with, also there’s a Region 1 BtE Blu-ray mostly done. I’m posting them now because people might have some input/ I might have missed something, also people can let me know what they would like to see, and if I have the time, I’ll give it a go.

    So far on my list are Region 2 versions of the BtE DVD and Blu-ray Alt covers, Region 1 RDX DVD and Blu-ray alternative covers, a Region 2 RDX Alternative Blu-ray cover, and Region 1 and 2 alternative blu-ray covers.

    I’ve had a minor technological issue in the last couple of days so I’m behind my own schedule, but they’ll get done in reasonably short order.

    Anyway, here’s what I have so far:

    Back To Earth Region 1 DVD

    RDXI Region 1 DVD

    Any typos let me know, and what do you reckon of the silver BtE Red Dwarf logo? I can’t decide if I actually like it. I didn’t want to completely throw away the original BtE design stuff even though that cover is pretty iffy.

    If you like them and print any, post a picture!



    I must say, Cat and Kryten is an interesting choice.



    Not many decent publicity shots without gurning for BtE. Also, had Lister and Rimmer on the other, so I went Cat and Kryten on this one.



    I mean, even though all the others have Rimmer and Lister, those two pictures definitely fit the DVD layout better than anything there’d be for R&L. Props to you on picking those shots and aligning them nicely, too.



    I’m embarrassed to say that if you Google “Red Dwarf X DVD” you’ll pretty much immediately find a shitty Photoshop I did in 2009 shortly after BtE aired. I’m not linking it, but it’s the one in the second row where Rimmer has a yellow uniform and horrible smeary clonebrush hair.

    These on the other hand are top-quality products. Nice job.



    That’s not so bad KyoSo this may be worse a really bad quality mock up I made of a Red Dwarf USA “classic style” DVD cover years ago is now the default image on Red Dwarf USA’s IMDB!



    Hey Glen, you gotten any time to get up to any more of these amazing beauties yet?


    Adam Bailey

    Timestone2000: I know that feeling, a half-finished model CG model of Red Dwarf I made a few years ago is now the bottom of page banner image on the Red Dwarf subreddit for some reason.



    Region 1 Bodysnatcher with a skutter obscuring the logo.



    I have a few of my previous efforts knocking around on various Wiki’s and Dwarf related searches too, nothing I’m too ashamed of thankfully haha.. Places like that Red Dwarf subreddit will grab anything and perpetuate whatever shite you photoshopped the best part of a decade ago (in between “LOOK A FRIDGE WITH SMEG ON IT” posts, obviously).

    Flanl, I’ve been ill as balls with a stomach flu/ general illness malady, so they’re on the back burner at the moment, they’ll get done though.


    Jason aka Smeg4Brains

    Places like that Red Dwarf subreddit…

    I got curious about the Red Dwarf subreddit so I just had a look. One of the most recent posts is a guy who’s just posted a picture of a curry he made.

    Because Lister eats curry! LOL



    Flanl, I’ve been ill as balls with a stomach flu/ general illness malady, so they’re on the back burner at the moment, they’ll get done though.

    Oh no! That’s no fun.



    That is the quality of post you get there. It’s fooking awful if I’m honest.

    One of the mods banned me as well because I asked him to cut down on such shite as the “I’m having a curry”, “look a Smeg fridge” and the ever popular “A red toaster!” posts.

    I think there are a couple of smaller Red Dwarf subreddits though, I sub to one, just posts official stuff and funny or interesting articles.



    I wish there was a social media group that wasn’t 10,000 strong and filled with people who are convinced that Red Dwarf is a parody of sci-fi or that it’s “never taken itself seriously” or are legitimately confused by the idea that anyone could think Series VIII is any less good or even a different style and tone from any other series.

    And yes, every few days somebody discovers the smeg fridge.


    Seb Patrick

    Is this the one whose name implies that the Official Fan Club is not actually a real fan club?



    Would that be ‘a real Red Dwarf fanclub’ on Facebook, Seb?

    What’s that all about. Did someone from tordfc piss on his marigolds or something? Haha

    The subreddit is r/RedDwarf and it’s got about 7000 members, the mods are terrible though. Their idea of an April fools joke was “Norman Lovett has died aged 70“ which they left up until about May. That’s not funny anyway even for a few hours on April fool’s day.

    Strangely they said they’d got an AMA coming up with Doug I think it was, though that didn’t materialise (he probably had a look at the state of it).

    I don’t expect people to know everything about Red Dwarf, all the minutiae, I won’t judge you if you don’t know what series the Mk II Bazookoid first appeared in etc, but posts on that subreddit are about one level above “TIL: There’s a man inside Kryten” haha



    Is this the one whose name implies that the Official Fan Club is not actually a real fan club?

    No, but for some reason the name ends in an ellipsis followed by three exclamation points. Wouldn’t that cancel out to nothing?



    I sound like a sarcastic, passive-aggressive prick here, don’t I? Strange, it’s pretty much the only time in my life I wasn’t trying to be. That’s what I get for being autistic, I guess.

    Anyways, I’m back at this thread again because I was here to recommend these to another person. So much better than the rest of the shit that’s anywhere else.



    Excuse you, being a passive-aggressive autistic cunt is my shtick.


    Ben Saunders

    I didn’t know you could change your username on here. Cool.



    I decided I didn’t want fans of my work being able to hunt down everything I do online.

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