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    I’ve got a question for you all.

    I’m going to get a chance to show a few folks an episode or two of red dwarf this evening. The problem being, a friend of mine has still got my I and II DVDs. That said, which episodes would be good to show them?



    Either the first half of III, or Legion & Gunmen probably. A lot of the others rely on you knowing the characters.

    If you’d have had series 1 & 2 I’d have just said The End and/or Future Echoes, depending on your bravery. With Thanks For The Memory & Queeg as chasers if they’re still interested. But Backwards is still a good show and the first Byte of III shows everything the series can do compressed into 90 minutes.



    Alright, thanks for the advice.

    I did once try showing a friend of mine Psirens and Officer Rimmer since I didn’t feel like watching The End. That didn’t go over particularly well.



    I am still open for suggestions. I won’t be seeing these people for another hour or so.


    Plastic Percy

    I say go with Backwards.


    International Debris

    Psirens, White Hole, Marooned, Polymorph, Only the Good.


    Pete Part Three

    Endgame, Blast from the Past, Tabula Rasa


    By Jove its holmes

    Dish and Dishonesty, Bells, Goodbyee


    Ben Saunders

    I quite like Only The Good


    Nick R

    I’m fond of “Pilot”, “S1x01” and “Pilot”.



    Backwards is a great place to start.


    Seb Patrick

    Left-field suggestion, but I’m not sure there’s a better intro to the show than Camille. Opens with an all-time classic scene, gives you a proper handle on all four characters, is a strong concept and plot, is very funny. You can’t not be hooked after it.


    Ben Saunders

    I was going to recommend Camille purely on the strength of What’s My Fruit


    Ben Saunders

    One of my friends tried to watch The End but he said it was slow and boring. He says he doesn’t like Doctor Who either because it has shit special effects. I haven’t spoken to him in about a year.



    Demons and Angels.

    It requires no knowledge of the characters to really appreciate and the idea of evil versions of characters is a staple of sci-fi so will be universal in understanding



    Back In The Red – Part 2.



    Demons & Angels a good one – using it as an intro follows the Trek staple of ‘really early on show us who the characters aren’t in order for us to learn who they are’.



    I have never ever persuaded anyone that Red Dwarf is good. Well, I might have persuaded them it’s good but I have never persuaded them to let it take up as much of their brain as it does mine.



    I mean, someone convinced me.


    International Debris

    You can’t not be hooked after it.

    Unless you’re a cunt.


    Ben Saunders

    Nobody seems very interested when I try to recommend Dwarf or Who. I have described the Sensational Reverse Brothers act to someone and had them say “that is funny”, though.



    >Demons & Angels a good one – using it as an intro follows the Trek staple of ‘really early on show us who the characters aren’t in order for us to learn who they are’.

    i’d go with this, yeah. my first episode of Red Dwarf was Demons and Angels, and i’ve been hooked ever since.

    though since i watched it without any prior knowledge of what Red Dwarf was, i had no idea who the fuck any of the characters were and i kept wondering why they were calling this man “the cat”.



    I watched The Inquisitor first and was hooked. It’s also a good introduction to the characters, but not in as straightforward a way as something like Camille or Demons and Angels.



    I watched balance of power first, and got really mad at my friend because he’d just finished telling me that there were no women left on the ship when the flashback scene came on



    the first Red Dwarf i watched after Demons and Angels was the last 10 minutes of The Last Day, and so for some reason little 13 year old me thought the plotline of the show was “a guy wakes up on an abandoned mining ship with a robot, 2 other blokes and a hangover” and i genuinely thought that was the backstory of the show for years until i watched I and II.

    so best not to start with the last 10 minutes of The Last Day, really. they might get the wrong idea about the show

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