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    Stephen Abootman

    (Also via Richard Naylor linking to the below on twitter)


    Gonna have to scour the XI & XII set reports to see what episode it could be.


    He said in an interview that you will hear him but you mightn’t recognise him. So I imagine he will be dressed in some form, either as a simulant, another Kryten model or something that will disguise his face…


    Or he could be a voice artist for Willy Wanker the condom vending machine


    Wankers don’t need condoms!


    My inkling is that the guest star from one of the set reports (sorry, I can’t remember which) who we’re supposed to know from both drama and comedy is Hugh Laurie. He’d be a great addition to the show.

    Ben Paddon

    Wankers don’t need condoms!

    Maybe not the way you do it…

    Pete Part Three

    I reckon Johnny Vegas may turn up. Someone else who’s voiced their support for the series in recent years. I’d link to a couple of tweets as flimsy evidence but Twitter is blocked at work. (So is Dirty Feed, sadly. G+T seems to have survived the cull)


    There’s only one guest star we want.

    Bill Bailey as Holly.


    The two guests I’d put long bets on completely blind are Kevin Eldon and Peter Serafinowicz, purely because it’d be weird if they weren’t in it like they’re in everything else (this is a good thing).


    >I reckon Johnny Vegas may turn up.

    He tweeted way back in April 2015 about how there were talks but schedules clashed.

    Though this was probably way before the eventual schedule of October 2015 to March 2016 was set.


    Doug also RT’d a Tweet of Johnny Vegas’ which was letting someone know about the new series.


    Vegas is playing Rob Grant, CONFIRMED.

    Taiwan Tony

    I want guest stars to be actors first, not comedy actors or comedians.
    I’d rather have John Simm and James Norton than Alan Carr and Micky Flanagan.
    Maybe that’s just me


    Nah, you need a background of (or undiscovered aptitude for) heightened performance work to be good on Dwarf. It’s a show-off’s canvas.


    The script has to be helluva tight though or you end up with VIII where the main and supporting cast energy is at maximum but they’re bounding about playing strange, retarded parodies of themselves.

    Pete Part Three

    >I want guest stars to be actors first, not comedy actors or comedians.

    But poets, dancers and impressionists are OK for the main parts, yeah?

    Ian Symes

    Personally, I prefer my guest stars to be choreographers, circus performers or human jukeboxes.


    It beggars the question, why hasn’t Tony Hawks been drafted in for what must be 25 years now?

    Taiwan Tony

    I don’t think Doug’s got the directing chops to reign in the overly comedic performances. I think the show suits dramatic sensibilities, as it did in series 1 to 5 /6, and it’d be a shame if they started copying Black Books or Father Ted etc. Because as alluded to above and before, it just turns into Cinderella.
    I do like Lister, Rimmer and the Hollys. But I don’t like Hoguey, the medi-bot, Confidence, Ruby Wax, Baxter, etc. I don’t like Kill Crazy, I do like Jenny Agutter, Tim Spall, Don’t Warrington… Robert Bathurst.
    So some actors have been crap, some comedians have been great. I guess I saw those names and worried I hadn’t seen performances by them I’d like to see in Red Dwarf.
    This has been Right to Reply with me Roger Bolton.

    Taiwan Tony

    EDIT. Rein.
    He clearly has the ability to reign.


    Kids, whatever you do, Don’t Warrington.

    Taiwan Tony

    EDIT. That as well.


    Mike Love, not war.

    Say Hello, Wave Ed Bye.

    Rob Grant unto him eternal rest.

    Red Dwarf star Danny ‘The Cat’ John-Jules guilty of bin man assault.



    Ben Paddon

    The Craig taste of Charleston Chew!


    My main issue with X is that the majority of guest stars were either comedians or had only done comedy shows or had done not alot at all. It’s OK saying that none of the cast are dramatic actors/ actors at all but Craig was hardly laugh a minute doing his poetry, and Robert wasn’t a comedic actor exclusively.

    When I think of quality Red Dwarf guest stars I think Mac McDonald’s pre-VIII Hollister, the simulants from Justice, Gunmen and Rimmerworld, and the Inquisitor. There are more as well, Meltdown had loads. A lot were comedians and the parts comic in places but could believably be serious. Most modern comedians aren’t really performers in the way Mac McDonald and Tony Hawks are, they are exclusively stand up comedians.

    I’m hoping XI and XII skews a bit older in casting in general, gets some depth, and not straight out of drama school types.

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