Has your groinal attachment ever tried to suck you?

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    Has your groinal attachment ever tried to suck you?

    Look, I was bored, okay?



    You know what would make Red Dwarf better? If Doug put a Shrek in it.



    We know Herring isn’t a fan but he got great Dwarf chat from Norm on last year’s RHEFP so this’ll be fun.


    Bexley Heath

    Has your groinal attachment ever tried to suck you?

    No, but there was this one time when a skutter picked up minicab transmissions…



    Robert Llewellyn from Red Dwarf and Carpool podcast is up.



    13th October Steve Coogan + TBA

    Patrick Marber plz




    You could just follow Richard Herring on Twitter like I don’t to get these updates. Or subscribe to the channel like I don’t. Or remember these things get updated Wednesdays like I don’t. For hours.

    Dunno why you expect me to remind you to be honest.




    So which XI episode has the rubbish audience then?



    I think it was after the second episode was recorded when he did this.


    Seb Patrick

    Think he’s talking about week one, no? I definitely remember him getting annoyed in that first week about how few people seemed to know the show – and there did seem to be a few people around us in the audience who weren’t your hardcore kind of Dwarfer. Although I wasn’t there for week two, so I guess he could have been talking about that.



    I might be misremembering, I just remember Alex mentioning he went to see this RHLSTP when we did a TNG podcast and I could have sworn it was just after Episode 2 was filmed.

    It was the fourth episode (he didn’t do the warmup to the third episode) when we started to hear from people in the audience that he was telling them they were the best audience yet and that the good audiences have continued since. Ray tweeted as much on the 4th of December saying “THAT is how you be a TV studio audience. Well done #RedDwarf punters this evening.”

    More than anything it is presumably the great job that Lost in TV are doing in getting a full house every week now.



    No, it was the second episode, I remember being told about it, but I wasn’t there.


    Seb Patrick

    Yeah, after a conversation last night I realised that it was the second episode that he meant. But I do remember there being a bit of “Do you guys even know what Red Dwarf is?” from him on the first night, too.



    Yeah, he’s done that a few times though – easy way to get people responding I guess.



    I just headbutted a wall and it was funnier than Series 8.




    Surprising lack of engagement with that emergency question around these parts.



    I guess most people got bored of RHLSTP at some point. An edit of Just the Red Dwarf References would be good – Robert Llewellyn, Norman Lovett(?), Arthur Smith, Ian Boldsworth, this, etc. Seeing the character development of the interviewer only being able to engage with the topic right at the end when he’s actually watched it.



    etc. = James O’Brien


    Ben Saunders

    Kryten, because he can probably do some mad shit, and isn’t technically a person, and even though I’m bi none of the male cast members attract me at all. The obvious answer is Kockanski, isn’t it, but that’s cheating. Or female Holly, but that would probably just be masturbation, while she watches, maybe encourages you a little. Oh dear.

    >I guess most people got bored of RHLSTP at some point.
    After about three episodes, yeah. Limmy, Bobbyllew, David Mitchell. Limmy is back on it this Sunday so I guess I’m going to be watching it again.



    I got bored of Limmy too. Churning out endless online content dilutes everyone.



    Bob Mortimer is peak RHLSTP in my opinion, Rose Matafeo is a good recent one.

    They do vary wildly though.



    we’ll just have to imagine him discussing being bummed by Kryten’s groinal attachment or whether bumming the parallel universe male version of your wife would count as cheating.

    Prediction not too far off, but I was hoping he’d engage with the unique material a bit more than just generic c.2008 Collings and Herrin bumming shtick.


    Ben Saunders

    The generation gap exemplified there by calling Twitch streaming “endless content”



    The viable business models of streaming, interview podcasts and YouTube channels generally just get too repetitive for me after a while, whether there’s a decline or not. I’ll always check out their crafted shows that have more thought put in and a finite episode count to be more worth my time, I wouldn’t belittle those by calling them ‘content.’

    Herring’s efforts in that direction haven’t been very successful in recent years though, unfortunately, and might have lost money since he was overly concerned with production values, so I understand why he sticks with the interviews and stand-up. I know Limmy’s said that streaming is his comfort zone, that’s nice for him.



    I guess most people got bored of RHLSTP at some point.

    I haven’t but I take breaks from it. Surprised the emergency question didn’t make it onto here until I posted it though.

    I object that Holly has a neck hole that can be engaged with. I posit that somewhere in the bowels of Red Dwarf there’s just a screen with an arse doing a damn fine moon impression on it.


    Plastic Percy

    Holly may just be a head, but they’re the best head you’ll ever have.

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