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    Title says it all, really. For those with a partner, did you introduce them to Red Dwarf, and if so, how did you convince them to watch it? What I did was tell them that there was one episode where there was a car chase through a fascist dystopia where stealing an apple is grounds for execution, and that ended up intriguing her enough to start watching the show. Some interesting comments from her watching The End:

    -“”It’s only three feet, we can wade!” I fucking love lister, he’s my boy”

    -“glad to see harry potter stole the whole “don’t walk through a ghost” thing” (on holograms)


    -“the fuck is this man in the pink suit?”

    -“completely factually incorrect but an interesting idea anyway” (on the Cat evolution)

    Anyone else got any stories about introducing their partner to Red Dwarf? I’d be interested to hear



    Unsuccessful. Enjoyed some British sitcoms we’ve watched together (Peep Show, Detectorists, Spaced, Fawlty Towers, League/Psychoville) and sci-fi (Who, BSG, Farscape, loads more) but basically no reaction when patiently sitting through Twentica and White Hole on different occasions so I didn’t try again. Some things just don’t click. Needless to say, I’m beginning divorce proceedings.



    She was already a Dwarf fan so that sped up proceedings. However she finds Series VIII as valid as I to VI so naturally I stopped having sex with her for five years



    “So, basically, my sex life is unchanged.”






    My ex was into sci-fi anyway, so when he saw I had all the DVDs was down to watch through them. The response was pretty lukewarm though, although he enjoyed them there’s been no desire to re-watch at all. He did watch series X but didn’t like it much and refuses to watch XI and XII.

    Just asked what his favourite series was and he’s replied “the prison one”. Huh. Apparently it’s because it has more of the bunk room scenes, which he felt was the best bit about the earlier series.



    That wraps it up then, Space-Porridge IS the best series.



    My partner told me she liked the one with the purple uniforms the best, and I vomited on her and the walls and some of the ceiling. But not the floor because we were in bed at the time, but it goes without saying I made her clean it up and change the sheets and quilt cover, etc.



    Having said all that.. Krytie TV though.. gets me every time. Something about that beard.


    Pete Part Three

    “This is a show that I like. Although I don’t like a lot of it and, while I’d worry that you won’t like it, I’m more worried that you’ll like the bits I don’t like and I’ll act like a dick. Fuck it. Let’s watch Love Island instead”.



    Yapping – I & II
    Yapping & action – III & IV
    Yapping while action is happening – V & VI
    Action yapping – VII
    Twee, end of the pier, racist, sexist, prison rape alluding piffle – VIII
    Coronation Street – BTE
    Yapping and action but on two sets maximum – X
    Mixed bag of yapping, action and deranged musings of the writer – XI & XII

    Ask which one they want to start with first



    i think I’ve avoided the whole VII/VIII/BTE/X/XI/XII debate by telling my partner something like “the quality kind of goes up and down after the first 36 episodes, so I’d recommend avoiding watching anything after Out Of Time” and she agreed to do that. hopefully she’ll keep to it, I think her opinion of me might lower significantly if she knew I watched the complete and utter shash that is Timewave



    Although i joke, honestly, id be happy with a partner that would watch any red dwarf. And in all honesty, i just rewatched VII and VIII yesterday. As much as it would be great if the quality was maintained throughout its entirety, Red Dwarf is just a good watch regardless. Although i do agree timewave is cringe-worthy.

    Several years ago my partner at the time and I watched the entire series, along with her young daughter. They loved it, but they both had a tendency to enjoy good shows of any kind really. Didnt need to do anything except chuck on The End and go from there. If i was to introduce somebody else to it i would probably explain the premise then put on a classic, self contained episode like marooned or bodyswap. In the end, due to its style and how dated it has become it is going to be a tough sell for some people. Its just the kind of show that some people are going to really like, and some people are not going to like at all.


    International Debris

    She knew it was my favourite programme and had seen the odd bit here and there so wanted to watch it, so we started from the top. She laughed a bit at The End, but I was worried she didn’t like it. She said she did though, so we carried on in order over the space of a few weeks. Watching it with someone who’d never seen it before was the closest I’ll ever get to being able to watch the thing afresh, and I enjoyed the whole thing more than I had done in probably ten years. I’d mentioned Rob leaving and the quality dipping, although she thought that happened after V – she said VI felt like a different show, really formulaic, and didn’t enjoy it much. We got to Tikka (she wanted to see the resolution to the cliffhanger) and she absolutely hated it, so we never got further.

    She’s not seen it since (eight years now!) so we’re due a rewatch soon, I’ll probably suggest going straight from VI to X this time (she enjoyed the first 2/3 of Entangled when it was first on).



    My wife laughs at it in a gentle way but it’s never become the go to watch I’d hoped it would be. She enjoyed Fools & Horses and The Day Today more. Also she enjoyed TMWRNJ. I have to say she did properly enjoy Back To Reality and Queeg.



    Update- we only got up to Confidence and Paranoia before we broke up. We agreed to remain friends though, and naturally one of the first things I asked was “Can we still watch Red Dwarf together?” to which, surprisingly, the answer was yes. So far her favourite character is Holly, so I’m interested to see how they react to the end of Queeg/the sudden replacement with Hattie Hayridge in III/ the character being shafted entirely from the show in VI.



    Sorry to hear that.

    I want to try again starting from The End, but might as well wait until HD now. If those are released for (legal) download at any point for people without Blu-ray players. Streaming services are no good to me, we don’t even get Doctor Who in my obscure part of the globe.


    Taiwan Tony

    I voted Confidence and Paranoia as the worst of the first 6 series. So, condolences. Plenty more fish in the sea. (Five fish?)

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