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    Hi everyone

    I’m currently re-listening to the audiobooks and have reached Backwards and Last Human. It’s been a while since I’ve read these and know that the Gunman parts from Backwards were removed but does anyone recall if any major parts of Last Human have been removed from that audiobook? (Maybe to make room for more of Craig’s lustful moans?) :)

    Thanks to anyone who can help


    I would love a Chris Barrie unabridged recording more than anyone but I think both books benefit from being trimmed down. No idea what was cut for Last Human actually.

    Pete Part Three

    Pass. I think I only made it through the Last Human audiobook once and that was over twenty years ago.


    Ah, I remember the Smegazine ads for the full unabridged QuickBooks, little suitcases full of tapes. Which I’d been able to afford those. But I was 13 years old and skint.


    From memory, lots of scenes and snippets were removed from throughout the book rather than big blocks.


    Longman is removed from the GELF origin story.

    It’s a minority view but I think the Last Human audiobook is brilliant. It’s really well acted – Charles doesn’t go for impressions but he gets everyone’s essence spot on, and there’s a sincerity to it which really matches the tone of the writing like Barrie matches the first two.

    The most interesting abridgement in a RD audiobook is a clever edit in the Radio Show version of BTL which completely changes the manner of Lister’s death.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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