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    I just finished season 3 today. Definitely a good season with definite revelations (and more questions but that’s a good thing!)


    Interesting to find out the twist in the flashback for the last 2 episodes. It seemed to be one of those flashbacks that didn’t have much to do with the current storyline… which is pretty much what it was… except for that twist right at the end when Jack meets a special person… and it’s not actually a flashback at all. Makes me wonder how the next series will pan out.

    I can’t help thinking that certain characters sometimes act out of character though. Particularly Locke. (I’m referring to the satelite phone scene at the end of the last episode.) I mean, I know he has a hard side, but didn’t that seem rather extreme? I sometimes think modern dramas want to bring in the shock factor to bring in a bit of spice to the series, but it it’s not believable then it comes across heavy handed and crass.

    Anyway, probaby should have stuck this in the Lost thread but I delayed that as I figured most of that would be speculation for season 4 and I might get spoiled for the series I was watching.


    > Ahh, c?mon Andrew, over simplifying things to prove your point is pretty cheap!

    I could go on for hours, to be fair – but, as you say, we’ve been here before, and I indicated whimsey with a smiley face!

    There’s zero correlation for me between the nuanced characters of The West Wing and the out-of-the-box types Lost mostly uses. Sam, CJ, Toby…these are one-of-a-kinds who become ever more substantial as their layers get peeled back.

    I couldn’t say that about most of the characters who get given chunks of flashback time on Lost. There are exceptions, of course, but I stand as I stood. (And even return to my Prison Break comparison, where equally shallow characters are wisely unburdened with such attempts at ‘depth’. The makers know the story is the thing, and they know they’re using cut-outs to tell it.)

    > but at their worst they at least add a little more character understanding

    Yeah, no, this is where I get stuck. The types stay as before in my mind, because their histories mostly turn out pretty much exactly as I assumed they were.

    > Well, if you speed it up then you reach one of your milestones too quickly

    Which only matters if you’re comfortable in the idea of reaching those milestones. If you’re anticipating cancellation, you push ahead. They didn’t, because the numbers kicked off well and stayed there. Which is to say – blaming the slack pacing on ‘American TV’s nature’ as opposed to author fault is just making excuses for a loved show. They had a plan, they stuck to it, and it dragged.

    > Damn, we?ve fallen back into Lost hole against, haven?t we?

    Yeah, it’s a bit pointless, isn’t it.

    Okay, well: I saw Cloverfield today. And it was a blast.

    There are Lost comparisons to be made – 1D characters, audience manipulation, re-use of standard genre ideas, even ‘flashbacks’ – but I don’t need to. ‘Twas much fun, cleverly shot and smartly constructed.

    Jonathan Capps

    I thought it was bobbins. BOBBINS I TELL YOU.

    John Hoare



    I feel an Andrew/Cappsy TV Burp act break coming on…

Viewing 5 posts - 101 through 105 (of 105 total)
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