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    Ben Paddon

    When Disney announced they’d bought LucasFilm and its subsidiaries last year, my biggest fear was that they’d shut down LucasArts. Today, that fear has been realized.

    LucasArts is shifting into licensing LucasFilm brands out to other developers, meaning they’re no longer going to be developing games themselves. This brings an end to 30 years of software development.

    This doesn’t necessarily bring an end to established LucasArts brands like Full Throttle, Monkey Island or (dare I dream?) Grim Fandango. LucasArts had already shown interest in licensing out their brands when they worked with Telltale on Tales From Monkey Island, so there’s a chance these brands might be revived by other developers, particularly if Tim Schafer is keen to make that sequel to Grim Fandango he’s mentioned once or twice.

    That being said, Disney may be less inclined to license out brands that would be “competing” with their own, which means we might never see another Monkey Island game if it’s seen to be in direct competition with, say, a Pirates of the Caribbean game or movie.

    But anyway. I’m rather sad. I might record a little thing for PortsCenter today once I’ve got my thoughts together properly.

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