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    Ben Saunders

    This is unbelievably hype:

    I’m hoping for Capaldi or Smith, but I’ll take anyone – Jenna? They’d probably want to go for Tennant, who would also be fine I guess….



    It’d be hilarious if it manages to completely rewrite Chibnall’s new lore in one fell swoop.


    Ben Saunders

    Funnily enough, I read this yesterday:

    Moffat and Gatiss came out to defend Chibnall following Fugitive of the Judoon (ignoring the idea that they would defend almost anything he did because they’re mates/colleagues/etc and wouldn’t want to be a dick to him)

    But funnily, Moffat said “You don’t want to break really important rules… [like] forgetting that he or she is a Time Lord and deciding he or she is human”
    And Gatiss said [“The Doctor’s] half human, it’s definitely there, it’s not a joke. And there’s not a single thing in Doctor Who to contradict the fact that he’s half-human, not one single thing contradicts it.”

    And both the Doctor being a Time Lord and half-human would be directly retconned just a few weeks later by The Timeless Children…. wonder what they think now



    I hope it’s Amy. She’s such a big part of the Eleventh Doctor’s run and I always thought it was a shame she was left out of his big anniversary story.

    But it’ll probably be K9 or something.


    Nick R

    I’m guessing Osgood, since she was in Day of the Doctor and wouldn’t need an elaborate costume or make-up.


    Nick R


    That was quite fun. I love how much fun Moffat is having with that and how he isn’t shy about gently mocking the show for a laugh.



    Great stuff. And better written than roughly two thirds of series 12.
    (And I say that as someone who quite liked this past series.)



    Yeah that was good fun.


    By Jove its holmes

    “….but for some reason, everything I own is now incredibly huge!”




    Do you think Rusty will write us something before the big ‘Rose’ Tweetalong on Thursday?



    Na. The Slaveen will, with lots of farting.



    Put it next to a Chibnall script and I challenge you to tell the difference.



    Ooh. Rusty *is* giving us something before Rose on Thursday – a long-lost prequel…


    Pete Part Three

    I expect a full season detailing the events between the regeneration in Day of the Doctor and the 9th Doctor’s adventures prior to Rose. They’ve got a few days to sort this and I’m sure Eccleston would be willing.



    When you said Rusty I thought you meant the Dalek and I was confused.


    Ben Saunders

    >I expect a full season detailing the events between the regeneration in Day of the Doctor and the 9th Doctor’s adventures prior to Rose
    I believe these actually happen offscreen DURING the episode, between Nine asking Rose to come with him, and coming back to say “by the way, it also travels in time”. We see in Rose what appears to be the first time Nine ever looked in a mirror, since he checks his ears out in Rose’s flat.



    Yeah, it’s heavily implied by that scene with the mirror, that War regens into 9 and immediately ends up in London and meets Rose.

    It would make a little sense too. If you take the idea that the TARDIS takes the Doctor where he needs to go (not always where he wants to go) then it needs to kick start all the events that lead up to 10 and 11 teaming up with War to end the Time War and save Gallifrey. It also would plonk him right on the door step of the person who the Moment would come to visualise as.

    It’s unfortunate that there’s nothing from series 1 that suggests 9 recognises Rose from somewhere, as that would be a neat little full circle, but obvious that wouldn’t have been possible as it would have required RTD knowing what Moffat would write 9 years later.


    Ben Saunders

    9 has no recollection of DotD so why would he recognise her? There’s also no indication that Rose recognises Ten, despite his ridiculous joyride at the end of The End of Time where he actually takes two weeks to regenerate and has enough time to go and visit each and every single one of his previous companions, including Rose before she met him.



    To be fair, would you recognise a random person you bumped into you in the street months before you met them again?

    and 9 doesn’t remember the outcome because of 10 and 11 being there. He should remember the time he spends alone with the Moment before they show up, and the conversations he has with the Moment/Bad Wolf/Rose he has at that point.



    The Moment has different hair though. It’s the kind of thing that would completely throw me.


    Spaceworm Jim


    “From my point of view the Time Lords are evil!”

    Enjoyed the Strax video a great deal.


    Flap Jack

    The idea of 9 having multiple series worth of adventures off-screen between those two moments is fun, but too silly to actually treat as likely. This is the same guy who, less than 2 episodes later, accidentally landed the TARDIS in Cardiff, 1869 instead of Naples, 1860, but sure, he totally chose to return to a ridiculously precise location and time and pretend he never went away for no reason.

    The thing is, ‘Rose’ does imply that the 8/War-9 regeneration just happened with him remarking on his appearance, but it also implies that it didn’t just happen, because of all 9’s appearances throughout history that Clive has tracking. Of course, it’s possible that those appearances were still in his personal future, but the fact that these appearances are by him alone, not him and Rose/Jack, must be meant to suggest that it’s his past. That The Doctor was a lone wanderer after the Time War, but meeting Rose in this episode changed that. That’s his story.



    Now His Chibs has done his bit for ‘Showrunner Exclusives Week’ as well.

    A little story about The Doctor’s thoughts as she plummeted to Earth…



    Love Chibbers just throwing his out there as he knows no-one will rewatch his episodes.




    Poor Ellard.


    Pete Part Three

    >With a bit of luck any injuries would be taken care of by the still fizzing regeneration process. Like those injuries the Doctor had got after he’d crashed through the roof at Naismith manor. Or the hand he’d managed to grow back after the Sycorax had lopped one off.

    The clunk of exposition, there. And the injuries The Doctor sustained from crashing through the roof at Naismith manor were *pre* the regeneration process. How sloppy is that?


    Pete Part Three

    Oh, just twigged that he meant the healing of the superficial wounds that The Doctor picked up. Assumed he was trying to explain how the Doctor survived the fall in the first place. Still a bit desperate but stand back, nerds.



    I think he did that just to make us appreciate Moffat’s new content even more.


    By Jove its holmes

    Re: The New Scene of Thirteen That’s Meant to Comfort Children In This Lockdown:

    While watching I found myself wondering how Tom Baker would have done it.

    “This is something you’ll have to get through yourself. You can’t depend on me to save you all the time. Just remember, humanity is indomitable.”


    Ben Saunders

    Baker would still be very nice and supportive to children, or Sarah Jane, he’d just also be much more likely to go off on one at the government or businesses staying open or those of the population well didn’t take/aren’t taking the viruses as seriously as they should be.

    Also — I refuse to read or watch anything from Chris Chibnall during this isolation, out of worry that it will make me even more depressed. I’m trying to cheer up, here


    Ben Paddon

    We know, probably, that there’s 100 years between the War Doctor’s life in The Day of the Doctor and the Ninth Doctor in, at the earliest, Aliens of London. Personally, my assumption is that the Ninth Doctor moped around the universe for a century trying to figure out what to do next before ultimately realizing the answer is, of course, “be the Doctor.,” and the reason he’d never seen his reflection before that moment in Rose is because he couldn’t bare to look himself in the eye knowing what he’d done. Or what he thought he’d done, at least.

    Not that, y’know, I’ve written extensive fanfiction about it or anything.



    How do we know about the 100 year gap? I don’t remember hearing that before.



    Ooh. Not only is the prequel appearing online at 2pm, but Russell ‘The’ Davies is giving us a *sequel* when we’ve finished watching Rose this evening.




    Rusty’s Rose sequel…wonderfully cheeky. ;D


    Flap Jack

    The 100 year gap can be inferred from the fact that in DotD, War says that he’s 400 years younger than Eleven when he says he’s around 1200. But how accurate those figures are is anyone’s guess, given the discrepencies across the series.

    Pretty cool to see Rose: The Prequel offer the alternate history explanation of the Doctor’s age, which is that the Time War repeatedly aged and de-aged him, and in the end he ‘felt’ 900. Not too bad an explanation for the New Who/Time and the Rani contradiction. But maybe it’s still a bit unsatisfactory, given that regeneration always physically de-ages him anyway, and that doesn’t usually cause him to change his reported age?

    For a while my headcanon was that War started counting his age from 0 again when he regenerated from Eight, because he “was no longer The Doctor” or something along those lines. It gives the Time War a deservedly epic scope… though this is undercut only 1 episode later when he spends just as long dicking around on Trenzalore.

    Of course, as of Series 12, estimations of The Doctor’s true age became a lot more futile.



    Pretty cool to see Rose: The Prequel offer the alternate history explanation of the Doctor’s age, which is that the Time War repeatedly aged and de-aged him, and in the end he ‘felt’ 900.

    Yes, it was a nice meta way of saying that all of these precise numbers that people get hung up on are all just made up and frequently contradictory anyway.

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