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    I listen to the podcast regularly, if I’m honest they are being ridiculously harsh on Series 3. Like a lot of the criticisms of Terror, which I admit is a personal favorite of mine, border on nitpicky.




    Series 3 is certainly more silly. I mean compare an episode like ‘Terror’ or ‘Finger’ to ‘Contest’ in Series 1. They’re like two different shows. But I happen to like both types of episodes.



    Other than the first and last episodes, series 3 is absolutely cringeworthy and completely phoned in. Like a different show.



    The gulf in quality from Hole and Carnival to the rest of series three is maybe comparable to Cassandra vs. the rest of VIII, except that the Bottom episodes are considerably better. I think Finger’s the nadir, not counting some of the live shows, which I just don’t really think about generally.



    I think that’s ludicrous, episodes like Terror and Finger are some absolute gems.



    Replying to Darrell



    Talking a low point, that’d definitely be Break. A half hour of them throwing out gags that feel they’re building-up to something that never arrives.



    I see the divide more as series 1 being mostly fantastic and 2-3 very variable, rather than just shitting on 3 specifically. Culture’s the only one I really love from series 2.



    Culture is definitely a favorite, that and Hole



    One Glorious Hole?



    It’s great to see Bottom getting more appreciation these days and being embraced by younger generations more than I would have expected. In the 90s to early 00s it was only The Young Ones that I saw getting any respect, since it was the show the comedians on talking head documentaries had grown up with. Bottom was either ignored or seemingly looked down on as crass, lowest-common-denominator trash (it does have that aspect, to be fair).

    The Young Ones is so time-bound that it always looked and felt really dated to me, even in the 90s. Bottom’s got this otherworldly timelessness about it, with the old-fashioned clothes and decor not pinning it to a specific decade, and as with Red Dwarf, you don’t have to know the references to get the jokes. It also doesn’t take time out from the characters for musical interludes and weird asides, that helps too.


    International Debris

    A lot of people only seemed to remember the frying pans and knob gags in Bottom, happily ignoring all the wonderful dialogue, the surrealism, the genuine nuances in the tragic character of Richie.

    On the other hand, Terror and Finger do feel like the older public perception of the show. I find them almost unwatchable. Really nasty stuff.

    Series 1 and 2 are almost flawless, though.



    I think the least good episode is Apocalypse. Culture, Digger, Parade (didn’t think it was that good in 1992, love it now) and Hole are top tier in my view.



    You know, I still don’t think I’ve seen all of Bottom, despite having it on DVD for years.


    Pete Part Three

    Don’t feel too bad. I don’t think I’ve seen all of my bottom yet, despite having it for years.



    I generally prefer the two-handers (you’re lucky if you can fit two fingers, etc.) to the crowded ones like Parade, except there are so many counter-examples that that isn’t much of a rule.

    I saw all of Bottom from the age of about 8-13, apart from ‘Gas’ which for some reason I didn’t see until I was about 18. Worth the wait, almost pissed myself laughing and felt more on edge than during most suspense films.



    I would devour sitcoms when I was in my early teens. Now it takes me ages. I’ve been watching Toast of London over the last five years and still haven’t finished.


    International Debris

    I’d watch just about every new sitcom on in the UK for quite a few years, but moving to somewhere without a telly (and with slow internet) at the same time as introducing my girlfriend to all my favourite shows on DVD put a stop to that, and it’s extremely rare that I get into a new comedy these days. I’m really beginning to wonder if my comedy fandom has passed.

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