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    During the stasis leak episode:-

    1. The opportunity was there to prevent the accident from happening.

    2. Lister was now on Ganymede. O.K not back on Earth, but no longer three million years from Earth,
    he had the opportunity to return to Earth.

    Just saying.

    Pete Part Three

    1. Which would create a paradox.
    2. While that can be said about multiple episodes, Lister is told by his future self to return to the future and wait for the day he could marry Kochanski. He had a genuine reason to do what he was told.


    It wouldn’t necessarily create a paradox – there was nothing to stop him going back to Earth.


    Except Pete’s second point.


    Lister must have been really fucked off when that didn’t happen.


    Maybe it did happen. The future crew from Out of Time are probably also the future Lister and Rimmer from Stasis Leak (note both future Rimmers have mustaches). Lister and Kochanski both die in the radiation leak, and Lister saved as a brain in a jar.

    Ian Symes

    I always assumed that with all the timeline meddling that occurs in Timeslides, Out of Time and Tikka, any prior predictions about or depictions of the crew’s future are null and void. Remember that Rimmer didn’t even die in the radiation leak. He died from punching an exploding box.


    And yet, in The Beginning, he talks about dying in the radiation leak.

    I really, really don’t like the Timeslides reset. I generally try and forget about it.


    The ending of Timeslides is probably the first real foot wrong the show ever put. Apart from making zero sense, it’s cruel, cheap, bullyish and genuinely nasty, in an episode which has previously been utterly perfect. What it really is of course is an episode with no obvious ending desperate for a punchline, and making do with a crap one, and not for the last time (here’s looking at you, White Hole).

    (It’s too recognisable as the Polymorph location as well. That always annoys me.)


    > making do with a crap one, and not for the last time (here’s looking at you, White Hole).



    Anyone who thinks Red Dwarf makes do with crap punchlines for endings should be made to sit through all 8 series of It Ain’t Half Hot Mum.

    Plastic Percy

    When Rimmer changes the timeline, he doesn’t realise that he’s alive and still thinks he’s dead. Perhaps the same can be said for the rest of the crew when they return.


    Ian Symes post has raised another question.

    Who put the explosives in that box ? Also, WHY?

    Pete Part Three

    George McIntyre.


    Kochanski and Lister married between VIII & BTE.



    Wait, no, I never thought about it fully.

    Ah fuck it, Red Dwarf is a load of wank.

    Toxteth O-Grady

    “(It’s too recognisable as the Polymorph location as well. That always annoys me.)”
    Isn’t it supposed to the same location though?


    Crew of Red Dwarf in visiting the same part of the cargo bay twice shocker!


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Viewing 19 posts - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)
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