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    I’m completely new to this forum, as you can see, but wanted to post a question to some die-hard RD fans. And anyone else who cares to read this.

    (Some boring qualifiers here, feel free to skip this bit) I’d class myself as a lapsed RD fan – I was a huge fan ’til the end of series 6 (when I was about .. 16, 17?) but never really enjoyed the direction the show went after that. However, I am very much looking forward to the new series, and all the buzz around it (plus now being more ‘connected’ with Bobbyllew, through the wonders of Twitter and Google+ etc) its a nice experience to feel ‘part’ of it – not literally, but … well, you get me? It feels like this series is ‘for the fans’.

    Anyway – this (coupled with my putting together a Series 1/2 Dave Lister costume for a stag do – but that’s another story), has got me thinking about the Red Dwarf film that never got off the ground.

    I have always felt that Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers would be a brilliant film. Really, the potential to be a sci0fi comedy classic. Dark (really, really dark), funny, but with great character and heart which fans have come to associate with RD. So, I guess my question to anyone still reading this is:

    How open would RD fans be to a ‘Reboot’ film – i.e. a film version of RD based on the first book (obviously tweaked slightly to fit a film time frame etc), but a film that tells a more complete, bleak story of Rimmer and Lister, a jet black comedy with its heart truly as Red Dwarf – but the Red Dwarf of Series 1 and 2 – the futility of the situation, the claustrophobia, the hope and despair … finally a film version that would really do it (the book, the story, the idea) justice, as opposed to a film that continued the ‘story’ as it is currently – which I have never felt would be a great idea.

    Here’s the nub: you’d have to recast it – you couldn’t keep the original characters – they’re too old now (except maybe Booby and Norm could, but then you might has well get a wholesale new cast in – BUT (new series notwithstanding) – has enough time passed on from the original series to reboot the franchise?

    Obviously, this couldn’t happen now – not with RDX about to hit screens – but in a few years, say.

    Would RD fans be open to the idea at least? I would – I just wonder what the consensus is … and would be interested to hear people’s thoughts and ideas on it.



    When I say Booby, I of course mean Booby.

    I mean, Bobby.


    To be fair, I think I’d prefer the existing movie script to be made. Or at least an updated version of it. I don’t think Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers would work on screen. Any adaptation to put the story on the screen will end up making IWCD too similar to the actual TV episodes that occur within the story- Better Than Life, Kryten etc…

    I would prefer a totally new never been released in any format story….like the new series.

    And if I were to recast, I’d have Chris Barrie playing everyone.


    I’ve always thought ‘Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers’ would make for not only the better film but a better sell finance. Hollywood producers are far more likely to fund a film adapting an international best seller than a film based of a British network TV program.

    On the down side, it means recasting. Not necessary a bad thing – I’ve always wanted Patrick Stewart for Holly & David Tennant for Rimmer. That’ll sell tickets.


    One day but not today or tomorrow. Maybe the day after that.

    There is a brilliant movie that could be made out of the first novel but seeing as we’re talking about a re boot there’s no hurry and also there is more interesting new stuff on the horizon.


    The only novel I think could be made for the big screen is Last Human.

    And I’d still have Chris Barrie playing everyone. Except for Rimmer. Rimmer could be played by Sean Connery.

    “Yesh. I am shitting in my ashtronavigashun exam ash we shpeak”

    Tarka Dal

    It might be a misplaced hunch, but I think Seb, in part, had a go at an Infinity screenplay.


    >It might be a misplaced hunch

    See an osteopath.

    Tarka Dal

    Simon Bird in the Inbetweeners reminded me ever so slightly of Rimmer, but in terms of character an olde
    r Rimmer is funnier, it underlines the years of failure.


    I think it’s a horrible idea,
    Infinity wouldn’t work so well as a film in my eyes,
    It’s of a different storytelling universe and would be of a totally different canon to the TV series,
    Plus a reboot would be a horrible thing – especially as ‘Dwarf is gaining momentum off its (Dougs) own back again – I’d much rather see the RD movie script made with the current cast than suffer the anal surgery of seeing other actors massacre the roles we all know and love…

    and Tennant as Rimmer? Really?!


    Kevin Eldon as Rimmer, Nick Frost as Lister and Miranda Hart as Kochanski.

    I can see them working really well in an SF environment.


    How about Colin Mochrie from Whose Line as Holly? I’ve always thought he’d be good in that role.


    I’d hate the idea of any kind of reboot at this point. I do agree though that Infinity (or parts of it) would be a good basis for a film.

    Seb Patrick

    >It might be a misplaced hunch, but I think Seb, in part, had a go at an Infinity screenplay.

    I did, although I didn’t get especially far with it.

    But yeah: if you were going to reboot Dwarf at any point (which at the moment is a moot point, but perhaps if it were to happen way in the future), and do a new film completely retelling the story, I can’t think of better source material than IWCD.


    I saw this thread and though of… ALAN RICKMAN!

    Also look what I found: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kirknorthrop/sets/72057594060145565/ AWWWWWW! LOOK AT THEIR YOUNG FACES!


    Whatever happened to Northrop? Surely he didn’t just stop caring about Dwarf? None can escape its clutches! :O

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