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    Hiya, hope you don’t mind the fresh meat posting, there’s just something that’s been on my mind for quite a while in regards to something which probably doesn’t deserve it to be honest. I’m a big fan of RPGs and Red Dwarf, have to be if I’m on here, so I kinda enjoy the RPG as a guilty pleasure at least.

    What I find odd though, is that outside of the Core Rulebook preserved both in part on Imgur and in full on Scribd, there doesn’t seem to be much of a scrap on the other two things released as a part of it, the AI Screen + accompanying Extra Bits Booklet and the Series Sourcebook outside of one lil snippet on TOS from the time it came out. (

    If anyone happens to know about or even, godforbid, have the flippin’ things, could they please scan it or post it online? As it stands, I feel like these two books might just be lost to the sands of time, probably the only Dwarf books that ever have in this case.


    Seb Patrick

    I’ve got them, but, er, I’m probably not the person to ask about scanning and distributing copies of RD materials.



    Ben Paddon

    I have physical copies of everything, but I’ve never scanned them. Honestly, I was always worried about doing damage to the books.

    That being said, my Bits and Bobs bookelt appears to have gone missing. I wonder if I misplaced it during one of my many moves?


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    Welcome, Marpzilla! You’re right, it’s very weird how the RPG seems to be in the process of being forgotten about, considering how relatively recent it is compared to other, more well known Dwarf ephemera. I’ve been doing some research recently for a thing, and I’ve found it difficult to even get reliable release dates for all the various bits.






    Wow, surprising to hear there’s a few people that do have the books, maybe cause I was only just born when they came out, haha. Would it be rude of me to ask that someone be able to scan in and publish the books online so they can be read or even played for archival purposes? Much more recent RPGs are archived on places like The Tome so I doubt there’d really be much of a fuss for these to be posted.



    I was only just born when they came out

    No, I didn’t want to feel absolutely fucking ancient, why do you ask?



    Has anyone actually played a game?

    I’ve had a flick through the main book and then put it on a shelf, I’ve never played it.



    Is it good?



    I created a mechanoid character, who I hilariously named Kretyn. Think I’ve maybe played it about twice. Which is surprising because I have no friends, and I don’t know who I could have played it with.

    Maybe we could try and do some kind of online game while we’re all stuck indoors?
    (Although I’m no RPG-er at all, so don’t ask me how it works.)



    I’d certainly listen to and potentially watch a G&T session.


    Ben Paddon

    Shock! I actually just found my Extra Bits book going through some boxes I haven’t opened since moving about a decade ago. It’s in pristine condition, and is probably the easiest of the four pieces (CRB, Sourcebook, AI screen and Extra Bits) to scan. So if I can get access to a scanner I might well be doing that.

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