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    Kris Carter

    Hello chaps

    Dunno if anyone’s remotely interested in this kinda stuff… I know I am.

    Here’s the basic set plan for series VI – so if you want to know the EXACT dimensions of the doorways, or that only one of the bunkroom beds was meant to move, it’s here…

    Click the image for a STUPIDLY high res version.

    I also have some blueprints and sketches for Series VII, and the blueprints for Can’t Smeg Won’t Smeg and Universe Challenge – I’ll try and get them scanned someday sooner rather than later.


    Kris Carter

    Mel Bibby gave me these as part of a set design project I did for my A levels. He was a good egg…


    Jonathan Capps

    G&T Admin

    That’s awesome. There’s something similar in the ‘Making Of’ book but this seems to be far more detailed.

    Good one, Mel.



    Bloody hell, that’s brilliant.



    Holy mother of fuck.

    Thank you for this. And Mel. Jesus…this is just awesome.




    That’s fantastic! I’d love to see any further set plans you have – they’re great for producing 3D replicas (like below, for instance).




    Kris Carter

    Now is that ocean grey, or… ? Hopefully get some more scans soon. Mainly Series VII.



    Cheers, Kris! I’ll keep an eye out.


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