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    Turk Thrust


    Unfortunately I agree with almost all her thoughts on last night`s ep.


    There’s also a very positive review in the independent (or was it the guardian?).


    Wrong wrong wrong.

    Turk Thrust

    Seems like it divides opinion just as much as Series VII and VIII really.

    Zombie Jim Undead

    “But for decades, being an adolescent Red Dwarf fan was seen as about as low as you could sink, socially, without actually having a bell tied around your neck.”

    Oh cunt off.

    Nick R

    > There?s also a very positive review in the independent (or was it the guardian?).

    In the Grauniad, Nancy Banks-Smith thought that they were too old to be fighting squid, seemed to like the car chases joke, and doesn’t think that repopulating the earth is a very good idea:



    They probably WERE to old to be fighting a squid. But isn’t that part of what makes it amusing? Have to admit though, their ages really didn’t register that much. Both Lister and Rimmer seem a lot more laid back (something others described as a lack of energy, but that could be a development of the older character.)

    Seb Patrick

    Caitlin “Moron”, more like.


    The Times seems far more interested in Craig and Danny’s private lives than anything else, which shows exactly where they’re coming from.
    I didn’t read any further after that. There didn’t seem to be much point.

    Thr Grauniad was quite nice though.


    This is a really spiteful personal attack. Bringing up Craig’s rape charge which he was cleared of and also Danny’s charge which was also cleared. Ridiculous review no mention of the new look what a b****!

    Turk Thrust


    Even if you disagree with all of her opinions, she did state that Craig was acquitted of rape. Although she didn`t mention that Danny`s verdict has now been overturned, it was hardly spiteful. She was simply stating the facts that what those 2 guys have been famous for in recent times is being in the tabloids (and Craig being in Corrie which she also mentioned).


    The review was a spiteful load of bullshit. I could agree if she actually picked the show apart but to launch into statements such as:

    ”In what we might factually term the heyday of Red Dwarf – eight million viewers in 1999, Best Comedy Series at the Comedy Awards – each one of those viewers would still have had to be wary, chary even, about admitting he or she was watching the show to anyone who wasn’t part of that self-same eight million.”

    So you’re talking about 8 million people = that’s roughly 1 in 6 people in the u.k. Everyone just shut there mouth and tuned in did they? Seems like a bit of a dig if you ask me.

    ”If ever there were a time that a sitcom about a spaceship carrying a hologram, a man-cat, a robot and a Scouser who shouts ?Smeg!? could become cool, it would be now.”

    Seemed pretty cool to me when it was winning an emmy, bbc comedy awards and selling over 7 million dvd’s. She seems to know the show well though because she’s right about Lister he’s just a scouser who shouts smeg.

    ”Danny John-Jules, also a tabloid staple since he was arrested for assaulting a binman while wearing his girlfriend’s dressing gown.”

    This is another spiteful dig especially as he was found not guilty. So what I said originally wasn’t complete bs as she did NOT mention Danny was acquitted. She’s mentioned a rape charge which Craig was found innocent for. Therefore completely irrelevant. She’s targeted two black actors and tried to staple them together as being law breakers. By mentioning three crimes of which only one is true.

    Turk Thrust

    Did she mention the colour of Danny`s and Craig`s skin in the article??? Or is it only you who thinks that`s relevant??? You are implying that she is a racist without any evidence at all which is cretinous. She was talking about what Danny and Craig have been famous for and their arrests are relevant to that end. She didn`t say Danny HAD been found guilty. But he was famous for being arrested and her description of the arrest obviously wasn`t meant to be scathing.

    No, Dwarf hasn`t always been cool even when it`s been winning awards or shifting DVDs and I guess that you haven`t read much of Caitlin Moran`s writing before. She is obviously exaggerating with her comments about 8 million people being embarrassed. That`s pretty blatant.

    Why would she be spiteful when she enjoyed the early series of the show herself?

    If you disagree with her comments about the ep then fine but don`t come out with nonsense about her targeting black actors. You`re the only one doing that.


    She didn’t mention their skin colour. I’m just stating she is targeting two black actors and talking about a lot that has little to do with BtE. She is giving Red Dwarf in general a negative review. She can’t fill the page picking BtE part 1 apart so she chooses to talk about Rd at it’s peak and how uncool it was. And then talk about a rape charges and Danny assaulting bin men…. oh wait he didn’t.
    Where does she say she was ever a RD fan? Don’t write a poor article dragging up old stories because you can’t fill the page. Especially stories like Craig’s rape charge. Can you imagine the hell he went through at that point in his life!? Being accused of rape spending time in jail only to be cleared.
    The funniest part though:
    ”Had the BBC commissioned this it would have been a far more scandalous use of the licence fee than all of Jonathan Ross’s wages. As it is, all that’s happening here is that, once again, teenage Red Dwarf fans are being abused: but this time, by the people expecting them to watch this uninteresting, threadbare and exploitative crud.”

    Had the BBC commissioned BtE they would have had a successful time slot on Friday the tenth. Probably the highest they’ve had in a very very long time. Instead of hitting new lows and generally getting very poor viewing figures. In regards to RD fans the majority enjoyed the episode.

    It’s a cruel review by a very spiteful woman.

    Turk Thrust

    > It?s a cruel review by a very spiteful woman.

    Yes, of course it is…


    Let’s not start the race argument again. We’ve all had enough of that here:



    Yes, enough with the race wars.

    About the times though; in the FIRST sentence, she says liking RD was only marginally better than being pregnant and on heroin. If that isn’t aggressive – and bonkers, I don’t know what is. It’s almost as if she’s overcompensating for something…


    I think her problem is she’s a snob, and generally considers that RD is beneath her.
    But if she can’t be open minded about the shows she reviews then she’s in the wrong job.


    >Yes, enough with the race wars.

    I’m more interested in the war race, myself.

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