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    Paul Muller

    I’ve just been watching the Series IV documentary and the thought occurred – surely that ‘man plus’ costume is a bit on the dodgy side, copyright-wise…

    Unless they literally got the rights to use the costume – which, considering the budget, is unlikely. It’s always struck me as a bit weird that they chose to base the outfit on an existing franchise – rather than just knocking something up from scratch.

    I mean, it was 27 years ago, so it’s probably fine.

    OK, bye.


    bitches leave

    Plastic Percy

    RoboCop itself is a bit on the dodgy side, copyright-wise. It was born out of an ill-fated attempt to make a Judge Dredd film, and could have run into trouble if they’d used this test model design for RoboCop.



    I think it can be justified as parody pretty clearly.


    on a serious note i re-watched robocop a few years ago and it is rather quite moving in terms of murphys story. this compared to when i was younger and use to love all the gore and violence quoting the shit out of it

    Plastic Percy

    It is a great film. A latent Jesus metaphor who dies, is resurrected and walks on water. Just this latent Jesus metaphor shoots rapists in the dick.


    RoboCop is a great film, RoboCop 2 is good in parts and the less said about RoboCop 3 and the 2014 remake the better. The original writers and the studio are planning a proper sequel to the 1987 original so hopefully that comes to fruition and is as good as the 1987 film.


    yeh murphy has been in storage for years or something? wonder if he will have windows 10? probably forced the upgrade either way….

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    protect the innocent
    uphold the updates


    Unpopular Opinion:

    Robocop 2 was better than Robocop 1

    Pete Part Three


    That’s certainly an unpopular opinion.


    Same as Neighbours in Kryten. Parody, but modern fear of lawsuits would stop them doing it now anyway.

    Basically what Howard Goodall says in settling the score.

    Plastic Percy

    Although, interestingly, copyright laws being relaxed meant that 2000 AD have finally been able to publish the uncensored edition of ‘Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth’ and reinstated the missing chapters involving parodies of McDonalds, Burger King and KFC. And it was an EU law at that.


    Unpopular Opinion – RoboCop 2 was better than RoboCop 1

    At least give us your reasoning for this point of view. I do like RoboCop 2 but there is no way it’s a better film that the original. The stop motion fight at the end though is a fantastic piece of model work and probably the last big stop motion sequence used in films before CGI became the norm.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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