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    Taiwan Tony

    News of his death has weirded me out. I was wondering how many others on here felt the same as I do about it.
    I got into Red Dwarf at a similar age as I did to Sean’s Show. I was probably younger when I started watching Sean’s Show. It was illicit: I was too young to be watching it and my parents forbade it. I only managed to catch as much as I did because my dad drove mum to her night shift just as it was starting. I was so happy to watch it. This was before Madeleine McCann.
    I could probably write loads.
    30 Somehow was great.
    Got his books and tapes.
    Bow his DVDs and podcast.
    Saw him live. Only once.
    Am sad.


    Taiwan Tony

    *Now, not “bow”



    I think the first episodes of Buzzcocks were part of the same BBC Two comedy block as Red Dwarf VII.


    Taiwan Tony

    There is a link, phew.
    In my head Buzzcocks was a bit before, but I’ll “now” to your knowledge.



    I had a crap day at work yesterday. The sky was that fucking horrible apocalyptic colour. Then I got my phone out of my locker, turned it on,and Twitter threw this awful news at me. Totally shocked, stood there in silent disbelief. Unbelievable. So sad.



    I remember him most from “Sean’s show” too yeah, saw his stand up tour around that sort of time.
    Last saw him on screen in Tony hawks dvd of round Ireland with a fridge he sold me a couple of dimension jumps ago.

    Rip sean.



    Sean’s Show was right there at the start amongst all the other delightfully strange comedies on channel 4 and BBC 2. His RHLSTP was very engaging and I’ve been meaning to catch up on his later stand up stuff. But yes he always spoke to me and lots of other slightly isolated and warped people. He could do silly stuff well too and I think the first episode of series 2 of Sean’s Show is worth a look to see all these elements in full swing as well as an early TV appearance of Pulp at the end.



    Buzzcocks tribute:


    Captain Bogbot

    Very sad news, in Sean’s own words…. Bye Bye, Bye Bye…

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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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