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    I’ll definitely be watching Survivors on Sunday but I’m really not that excited. Never seen the original show though.

    It’s strange that Julie Graham is the female lead in TWO of the year’s biggest BBC1 ‘event’ dramas. I’m sure she’s a good actress but after starring in Bonekickers… well after the ten minutes of the first episode of Bonekickers I watched, I think another face would have been preferable. But maybe she’ll be better suited to this role than an archaeologist looking into digs and saying “Give up your secrets” or some piece of crap like that.

    What do you guys think about the show?


    I liked Survivor Bali


    The original starred Dennis ‘Death’ Lill.


    Some of us remember the original. Not well I admit, but I can still recall the opening sequence with the sick guy getting off the plane.

    Paul Muller

    I watched the entire first 2 series back to back over a couple of days whilst at uni. It was alright, but incredibly dated and rather dullllllll.

    Tanya Jones

    “It was my kind of film”

    Steve Harris

    Despite watching the original, I have very little memory of it apart from the fact that it was filmed largely in the next village to where I Lived, just up the road from my house in fact..
    A mate of mine was working on a section of the mansion (painting and decorating) at the time and had an odd experience with one of the senior executives on the show but other than that, there was very little interest locally.


    It’s on my telly now.


    Not bad. Not bad at all.

    Interesting little switchround with the husband and wife (although I suspected that would happen.)

    John Hoare

    It was… fine. Not the most exciting programme in the world, but hardly a disaster. Potential for upcoming weeks, but it needs to get a lot better. It’s inspired me to buy the DVDs of the original series – I’ve never seen it (although read a lot about it), and I want to see what it was like.

    And it’s hardly the most important thing in the episode, but it really really annoyed me – the petrol station explosion was piss-poor. A few close-ups of the explosion, and then a shitty CGI ultra-wideshot? Rubbish. Just remember what London’s Burning used to do in this kind of area. Admittedly, London’s Burning could put the budget in because the big disaster that week was the main focus of the episode – but if you can’t do an effect properly, don’t bother. Scale it down until you’ve got something you can pull off. We didn’t NEED a big-ass explosion.


    I really liked it. 4/5. Apologies to Julie Graham, she was great. But yeah, the petrol station explosion wasn’t up to much.


    > Apologies to Julie Graham, she was great.

    She almost always is.


    I enjoyed it too 4/5.
    I can still vaguely remember the original, but not much.


    >Interesting little switchround with the husband and wife (although I suspected that would happen.)

    Wait, I’m confused, is this LOST?

    >Scale it down until you?ve got something you can pull off. We didn?t NEED a big-ass explosion.

    Yeah, it is, isn’t it? :)

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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