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    Ben Paddon’s side project The Ministry of British Comedy selected the five best Red Dwarf scenes.


    Pete Part Three

    Number 2. Fuck the fuck right off.


    Imagine thinking the period scene was better than almost everything in series 1-6.


    That’s not a site, that’s lister!


    Interestingly enough, it does get a MASSIVE laugh from the audience… XD

    The scene actually wouldn’t be that bad if everything wasn’t dragged out so much…it’s so over-egged. As soon as you see the banner and Kochanski’s reaction to it that’s all you need. In that one moment you’re laughing at everything that they then try to get more laughs out of in the next minute. It’s only the first moment that’s funny.


    Can all of Marooned count as one scene?


    I’d definitely go for Camille, “It’s a banana”.
    Others: Polymorph, Boxer Shorts. Future Echoes, Double Rimmer. Legion, Anti-matter chopsticks. White Hole, “So what is it?”.


    I like the period banner as a joke, I think it’s one of the better jokes from S8, but not the entire scene.

    Yaron Ru

    how did they do that period scene so that it was so funny for the live audience? wouldnt they be able to see the banner from the start or did they do it on a vt?


    It was filmed live with the audience but on a set that could only be seen on the moniters.


    I’m going by the VIII documentary on that one.


    Oh yeah, there are far worse scenes in the same episode, and the banner reveal is quite good, but second best scene in the show? I find it difficult to fathom anybody could genuinely think that.

    It may be an overplayed one, but “So what is it?” really needs to be in this list.


    I really don’t think i could choose a ‘top 5’ but I agree that the “what is it” scene should be up there and also the scene from Kryten when they meet the crew of the Nova 5.


    Oh and I really like the black and white introduction to Stasis Leak, mostly for the line “he went on to attack two senior officers, believing them to be giraffes who were armed and dangerous”.


    Don’t list articles usually have some sort of explanation/justification for what’s chosen?

    Taiwan Tony

    “Well I say let’s get out there and twat it.”
    The Nova 5 reveal is fantastic.
    I like the boxer shorts a lot.
    I like the Legion light switch joke.

    I don’t really like So what is it? But I understand its appeal.

    These types of lists are riddled with problems of subjectivity. But – even with that in mind… – number 2. Not even a little bit.


    I suspect it’s deliberately controversial, otherwise some kind of explanation would accompany the list.


    I think the whole site just coasts while hoping people will buy a Vicky Pollard quote in the Indiana Jones font.


    Yaron Ru

    The face that this scene didn’t make it to the top of the list is just CRIMINAL!


    The funny bit being Hollister is fat.

    Yaron Ru

    yeah that was genius

    Nick R

    Well, those are certainly five Red Dwarf scenes that happen to be on Youtube

    (The taranshula scene is the best scene.)


    The taranshula scene! Of course! Classic.

    Ben Paddon

    I fucking hate the Ministry of British Comedy and I hope they all choke to death on their own cocks.


    It’s very difficult to choose, because each series has a different quality to make it stand out. I think series 1 and 2 are discounted for me because, whilst I liked there being character development, it was still in its infancy and doesn’t hold up as well, and the set and costumes look very dull to me. Series 7 and 8 are rather disjointed too, as well as being asbent of Rob Grant.
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    Series 3 and 4 contain some classic early Dwarf, but series 5 is where, I think, the show really reached its good point. Quarantine is easily great for some brilliant Rimmer madness, and Back to Reality stands out as a wonderful episode for both character development and good sci-fi. Web Designing Training in Chennai

    However, series-wise, I vote for series 6, because it’s the only one to have a proper story arc, namely finding Red Dwarf itself. Granted, we lose Holly, but the character became quite redundant with Kryten doing a lot of plot exposition, and the closeness of Starbug compared to the vastness of Red Dwarf re-instated the claustrophobic feel that captured the “trapped” nature that the show originally went for. The problems with the series, however, can’t be ignored – more repeats of Space Corps Directives, Cat’s “deader than…” jokes and less character development in favour of more sci-fi. But then I like sci-fi, so I didn’t mind too much after having delved into the characters’ past for 5 series already. And the repetitive nature made it appealing to me. Admittedly, too, it was nice to see Ace Rimmer and Duane Dibbley in the same episode, even if it was shoehorning both in to satisfy fans. And that ending is truly epic. PHP Training in Chennai

    I have to say, though, while every fan can imagine a perfect episode, I still imagine a perfect series of six episodes. I’d probably have one episode dedicated to each main character, albeit with sci-fi being an integral part. Yes, not original, or detailed, but if anyone wants to write a Red Dwarf IX or X with me, I’d only be glad to oblige. I have some good ideas for a Holly episode, and a good first one and last one too!

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