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    In The Last Day, the segment featuring Robert Llewellyn as Jim Reaper being played back on the monitor is notable for being the only part of Red Dwarf, apart from the model shots, to have been filmed using 16 mm film stock.

    This is curious, especially considering that previous location footage (such as Better than Life and Backwards) had been filmed on videotape as opposed to film. Does anybody know the reason why this short segment was shot on film, as opposed to videotape? One can tell this by the film grain and noise present.

    Clip of the footage in question:



    i don’t think anybody knows the reason, no


    Ben Saunders

    Robert was a model so they shot him on 16mm in the model studio during the model shoot with all the other models



    Looking good.



    To be honest, the answer is probably something boring like there were no VT studios available when they needed to film that segment, so they used somewhere random and shot it on film because that was the only option they had. Even though VT had mostly taken over by this point, the late 80s and early 90s was a weird era where they’d occasionally still use film for some things. Only Fools and Horses used film for a lot longer than most programmes. They were still using it in 1996.



    > Robert was a model so they shot him

    Did he post his portfolio?


    pi r squared

    > Did he post his portfolio?

    Hopefully not, we wouldn’t want Better Dead Than Smeg having to spend three hours on the phone to Robert in another round of Things That Definitely Happened And Make Perfect Sense, Honest Guv.



    Why did you combine three separate people’s opinions into one though?

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