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    John Hoare

    Guessing when the ad break is gonna be. I just scored 10 points for guessing that in Legion, it would be on the line “Let’s tool up, and go shopping.”

    And whilst we’re on the subject of Legion: why does Legion remove his mask after Kryten starts knocking everyone out? What possible motivation would he have?


    Good point actually. Still since he is a gestalt entity, so is effectively them, maybe it was their motivations that influenced him. I.e. They wanted to know that their plan was working so Legion obliged.

    Of course it could be argued, that if that is the case then why didn’t he let them go since that’s what they wanted? Mainly because he wanted to exist even more I’d say, but showing his face was more subtle help. Like caring for them and feeding them and essentially giving them everything else they wanted… as long as they remained with him.

    Pete Part Three

    Well, if we’re going to start asking questions; why does Thomas Allman have a framed photo of himself by his bed?

    Zombie Jim Undead

    Very good question.

    And why does his replacement look so much like Benny Hill? In other cases, the Inquisitor gives people’s existence to the “sperms that never made it” so they look rather alike.

    But the two Thomas Allmans look about as alike as a giraffe and a mango.


    What WOULD help is the immediate and messy squealy agonising death of Dave’s continuity announcer.

    Does the guy actually think he’s funny? Or is this a (sadly failed) attempt to be post-modern and ironic?

    Mr Flibble

    Why does Legion turn into Kryten when he’s the only one left conscious? Surely he’s either got the face of whoever’s there, with the Legion body, or he should have Cat’s arm, Rimmer’s leg etc.

    Seb Patrick

    >In other cases, the Inquisitor gives people?s existence to the ?sperms that never made it? so they look rather alike.

    I’ve got to say, I’m not seeing a similarity between Craig and Jake Abrahams beyond the fact that they’re both Scouse…


    >I?ve got to say, I?m not seeing a similarity between Craig and Jake Abrahams beyond the fact that they?re both Scouse

    I know what you mean, that “copper pulled me over and saw two Listers” anecdote of Hattie’s always seemed a little odd. Unless they were in full hair, make-up & costume or maybe the police are even more institutionally racist than we thought.

    Zombie Jim Undead

    Watch the scene when they’re in the lift together. Their faces are both lit with blue lighting from below and they look very alike.

    They do look vaguely similar in any light, mind. Hardly identical twins, but more so than a tall dark-haired skinny bloke and a short fair-haired dumpy bloke.


    Brothers (non identical twins is genetically is what they would be I suppose) could look like that different though. It’s possible to have a big muscular brother and a short fat one. Just as it’s possible to have two that look similar. Not really a contradiction.

    One thing I did wonder about though was how quickly the Inquisitor dealt with the chap at the start. He gave the Dwarfers a trial, but that chap was pretty much dealt with on the spot. The obvious reason is that it wouldn’t have worked with the time and pacing to include that trial as well, but my ‘in world’ explanation is that the Inquisitor did take him away for a trial as well, off-screen as it were, but then brought him back to the instant that he was taken. (He’s got a time machine after all.) I guess they could have made it more explicit but anyhow.

    Also, how did the Inquisitor actually ‘become’ them in their trial, since he is in fact a simulant? (This isn’t a criticism of the show, I’m genuinely interested in working out the explanation of these things, sad as it may seem.) I assume that he must have scanned their lives and personalities before calling on them. Then he generated an illusion of their appearance maybe, through holographic technology, or possibly some of that nanotech business Kryten has? (The Inquisitor is self repairing after all.) Hmmm…


    I don’t think the Inquisitor actually becomes them…I think they just see their own image reflected in his face as they’re being judged. Sort of like Camille–she didn’t become anything the Dwarfers took her to be; she just reflected their desires back at them.

    She’s a GELF and he’s a simulant…both manmade. So I guess in the future they have the technology to show a person something other than what he/she is actually seeing.

    Pete Part Three

    Since The Inquistor has the ability to read their minds to judge whether they are worthless, it’s my reckoning that the trial is taking place, partly, in the defendant’s mind.

    Oh, I’ve gone cross eyed.

    Another question is why the replacement Kryten has a different form. Has The Inquisitor judged the entire Series 4000 Line worthless in their appearance AND programming? Has the replacement Kryten broken his programming also? Has Professor Mamet’s ex-fiance also been judged as worthless and been replaced, causing a “ripple-effect” that, in turn, changes the outward design of the Series 4000 series?

    I need to lie down.


    If the Inquisitor judges the Series 4000 line worthless based on its programming, then maybe the replacement Series 4000 is simply no longer based on John Warburton.

    If John Warburton had ever appeared in the show he would presumably have been played by Robert Llewellyn, which means that at Divadroid, quite apart from surrounding herself with angular versions of him, Professor Mamet could run into Jim Reaper or The Data Doctor on a daily basis. She’d never be free.

    Of course the Data Doctor could simply be a computer program (or drug induced AR hallucination, I forget), based on John Warburton/Jim Reaper.

    Of course in that case Jim Reaper could simply be a computer programmed salesman, based on John Warburton.

    Of course in any case that means that Bongo is possibly John Warburton in a parallel dimension.

    Of course in every case we never thought we’d miss Tonguetied.

    Zombie Jim Undead

    *weeps quietly*

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