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    “James Roberts @jroberts332

    I was lucky enough to speak at length to @RedDwarfHQ creators @DougRDNaylor and Rob Grant, both huge influences, about the genesis of the show, unused concepts, paths not taken and lots more besides. You can find the interview in the new @TVYears, on newsstands from 6 August.”



    Looking forward to this. The previous issues (80s/Christmas/90s/kids) have been great. :)



    Hope we find out once and for all where that Welsh cottage is. Unless someone here already knows.






    Captain Bollocks

    Really wish this had been a sitcoms special with RD, Blackadder, Young Ones, Porridge, Hancock, Partridge, OFAH, Office, etc.

    It’s always felt to me like Dwarf gets a bit overlooked when it comes to comedy retrospectives, and just gets shoved into British sci-fi coverage tokenistically since it’s arguably the only example of an above-decent genre comedy.

    “Well, we’ve got Dr Whom, obviously, and Blake’s Nine… erm… Oh, what about that Red Dwarf? Didn’t that come back at one point? Yeah, I think it might have come back, there’s a publicity picture here where they look a bit older, so shove a bit about them in. And what else? Alan Whicker’s Guide to the Galaxy, obviously… ” is how I biasedly imagine if often plays out.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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