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    Watch it, it’s rather good and it has lots of tits and gunfights.

    There’s also a deep, almost evangelical examination of the tenets of human sentience, freedom of expression and the haze of what truly defines the natural from the artificial in all aspects of our world, both in the outer and inner-self.

    And Anthony Hopkins, can’t go wrong there.

    Taiwan Tony

    Written by the admirable Michael Kryten.

    Evangelical eh? No kidding.

    I really like the film. Yul Brynner is fucking terrifying. And with a cracking set of jugs on him!


    The new telly series!

    Wiki link

    Taiwan Tony

    Not sure if that link is for my benefit but I’ll assume it is. Thanks! But I knew you meant the series.
    The series is based on the film.
    If you’ve not seen the film, I’d give it a whirl. You might enjoy it. It’s a western in the same way that Gunmen is a western. I.e. not really. And it inspired one of the old, brilliant Simpson’s episodes.
    With a dry, cool wit like that…


    Can I ask something of someone who’s seen it?

    Heard there are rapey bits. Don’t like rapey bits. Missus doesn’t like rapey bits. Are they like, prolonged and horrible or just alluded to?


    Who doesn’t like a good rape scene?


    Me. And my missus.


    Was your missus raped?


    Right. Seriously. Shut the fuck up now PTS. That’s enough.

    Ian Symes

    I concur, with my official admin hat on. That’s not on.


    Can’t be arsed coming up with a witty retort so I’ll just say cheers to the nice folk. Was a genuine question, initially. If I asked it in the wrong place, so be it.

    Ian Symes

    I’m sorry this happened here, locusceruleus (if that is your real name). It was a fair question and that response was unwarranted.


    Futureworld starring Yul Brynner. A true classic.


    I only asked because I was curious as to why they didn’t like a specific element of human behaviour within storytelling and from that, if it had affected them personally. I wasn’t asking to be a twat.

    Ian Symes

    I strongly suspect you know full well what you were doing, but just to be clear: your comment wasn’t appropriate, it was offensive, and I don’t want to see similar behaviour again. We’ll leave it at that, but I’m pretty angry with you to be honest, so please don’t be a dick from now on.


    Locusceruleus, Jo, Ian, and those who have been offended by my comments, I offer nothing but apology and deep regret at what I said. It was wrong and although I am of the ilk that humour can be found in anything, I put it forward in the most stupid, demeaning and crass way and that is my own failing, the buck stops with me.

    I never meant anything untoward by my earlier question or comment but upon reflection, it was completely out of place and not needed at all, especially on a fan forum for a show we all love. I’ve let you all down and even though things do get bawdy round here, the topic causing offence is rightly a topic that really is not something to try and be a smart-arse about.

    Ian, you’re right to be angry, we all come here to share news, express opinion and revel in good natured humour with each other but the tone has been notably lowered.

    Sorry, chaps.

    Ian Symes

    Apology accepted on my part, let’s draw a line under it. *thumbs up emoji*


    Ian, could you do me a favour and delete or disable my username? I’m taking myself off the forum, it’s the best thing to do really and I wanna thank you all for being good sports over the years.

    If you see a funny looking dude at Dimension Jump neat year getting VHS editions of Series X signed by bewildered cast and crew, do say hello.


    Next, not neat. Fuck, there goes the endearing, genuine farewell message.


    Fuck it, I’M BACK.


    Oh, bollocks.




    I’m sorry, genuinely. Can I come back yet. Will you all ignore me regardless?



    locusceruleus – A genuine response to your question.

    A friend of mine recommended the show to me, so I asked her and she said the following:

    “You don’t see it but some of the bots are victims. It’s implied rather than visual (It’s what some of them are there for, you can kill and do whatever you want with them). You see one of them thrown around and kind of old style “what I’m gonna do to you” type thing. There is a lot of nakedness when the robots are being worked on also. They are treated as objects not people. Not sure if that’s triggering.”

    She also said the first episode is a pretty good example, and if you’re ok with that, you’ll be ok with the rest of it. Hope this helps!


    Can I post gifs here? I’m not sure, I’m gonna try though….


    G&T bingo, someone mentioned triggering.

    We now have to drink either three shots of bleach or one half-pint of Fosters.


    I’m only either a Norman Lovett’s Football or a Duke of Manchester away from winning my Bingo card.


    Well some snotty… madam, he knows who he is, has already taken Tranter’s ball so all that’s left is upsetting Cate.



    Ian Symes

    G&T bingo, someone mentioned triggering.

    I’ve just run a search for the word “triggering” on every article, comment and forum post. Prior to today, the word has been used seven times over the last fourteen years, and never before in this context. Basically, you’ve got a really shit bingo card.

    Now then, I deliberately ignored your request for deletion, because I predicted you’d be back within a week. I was happy to forgive and forget because you seemed genuinely sorry for what you’d done, and you seemed to know why it was unacceptable. I may be wrong, but some of your posts since your return seem to indicate otherwise. I’m still happy to let it go, but just don’t give me cause to contemplate the idea that this place was kind of nicer than usual last week.


    Ian, what is up?

    Things have got rather raucous with a few board members. I admit, it’s turned into a chimp’s tea party but the subject matter that caused the initial problem a week ago hasn’t been brought up again and the bingo post was meant to be harmless. Like you, I hadn’t seen the word triggering being used in that context on this forum before and that’s why I said it as part of a silly, nonsensical post about G&T bingo. It was that and nothing else, not a commentary on the nature of triggers or why they’re gaining popularity or the need for them or anything of the sort.

    If you want to delete me, delete me, but I don’t mean any harm. It’s your forum, your website and I am both appreciative that it exists and grateful I can be part of this community, but don’t get hairy with me because I shouted bingo about a single word.

    If this forum was nicer when I wasn’t posting, then make a decision, Ian.

    Taiwan Tony

    I’d suggest a trial. But after twenty or so years, it seems most of us Red Dwarf fans have lost our ability to judge.



    Take the fifth!


    PTS – Things are referred to as being “… bingo” when they’re mentioned a lot
    (Example: Anti-vaxxer bingo – “Do your research”), but then you know that and you’re obviously being obtuse.

    My post wasn’t directed at you, it was in fact giving the informative response that you were apparently incapable of giving. You decided to reply anyway, not with an on topic comment about the show that *you* wanted to talk about in the first place, but with a snide remark about “triggering”, which added nothing of value to to conversation and just made it look like you were continuing to be a dick.


    Jo, you’re on a forum where one of the threads is asking who we think has the biggest penis out of the main cast. Do you think there’s any forward thinking in all of this?

    I said bingo for a laugh, that was it. There is zero thought behind it, zero snideness, zero obtuseness, zero seriousness, zero intentional dickishness. It’s a fan forum for a telly show, don’t stress over it.

    Ian Symes

    You can see why I construed the bingo post as being slightly dickish, though? As Jo says, the “x bingo” thing is usually used in a mocking, dismissive way, and I didn’t think you ought to be mocking or dismissive of that subject matter in this thread. If I got that wrong, then fair enough. I will give you the benefit of the doubt, two times in as many weeks.

    I dunno. I’ve no wish to be a nagging prude, but nor do I want the stress of going on to my own forum and not knowing what I might find. Literally the only rule is “don’t be a dick”. It’s easy.


    Ian, you never got it wrong, Jo did. I’m just worried about you, it’s all got a bit serious and tense around here.

    I’m here for the banter and irrelevant humour, nothing more and certainly not to pick fights or be a dick.


    Jo, you’re on a forum where one of the threads is asking who we think has the biggest penis out of the main cast.

    PTS, you’re a patronising prick. Huge LOLZ though, that you chose a troll post to somehow defend your shitty comments. Amazing work! *slow clap*

    I said bingo for a laugh, that was it.

    Yeah, people often do that for no reason whatsoever.

    It’s a fan forum for a telly show, don’t stress over it.

    What does that have to do with anything? I know exactly where I am thanks, so you can keep your patronising twaddle to yourself.

    Ian, you never got it wrong, Jo did

    Yeah, I didn’t though did I?

    I’m just worried about you, it’s all got a bit serious and tense around here.

    It all got a bit serious and tense, when some cunt thought it was fine to make light of rape and triggering. Wow… who’d have though it?


    Jo, it’s time to let it all go.


    Jo, it’s time to let it all go.</ blockquote>

    PTS, you say you are here not to pick fights or be a dick but you surely must be aware you are rubbing people up the wrong way. This type of dismissive attitude to somebody you have offended (a second time) rather than doing the normal thing and you know apologising is not really the type from someone not out to be a dick.

    The reason it all got serious around here is because you made an idiotic rape joke, apologised, left the forum, returned and then compounded that earlier offensive joke by making what could be conceived as another idiotic joke that seemed purposely made to rub people up the wrong way.


    Well I fucked up that blockquote.


    I wrote a lengthy, more direct reply to your message, SoundableObject, and you made some interesting points but I just don’t fucking care anymore.

    I apologised about making light of the initial subject matter and I really meant it when I said sorry. It was a poor, poor attempt at humour and that’s for the lack of a better word to describe whatever I was trying to do.

    As for triggering, it was in the midst of a message about G&T bingo. A completely isolated message that had ZERO references to ANYTHING regarding that word in the context as originally posted by another forum member and with no intent to go beyond the simple idea of bingo. That’s it. I could’ve replaced triggering with GELFs or Norman Lovett and that’s exactly what I meant. Bingo, nothing more.

    There are horrible, obscene injustices happening right now in the world. People are dying, being enslaved, hurt and abused by their own kind and that’s where the white-hot, pure rage of good people should be focused. Not sending messages about how their fucking feelings have been hurt on an internet forum or confusing all of this as somehow important and one of the more immediate causes in life to rally against because they couldn’t grasp that at the end of the day, this is all just pixels and fluff.

    This is all nonsense. This is the internet and this is an internet forum for a sit-com set in space and we all chip in, we all have a laugh, we all say bawdy things from time to time but ultimately, it’s just a harmless diversion and if someone, for example, calls you a cunt online, it doesn’t matter. If someone goes beyond the pale and talks about a subject you might not like or brings it up in such a way that you find offensive here or anywhere else, who gives a fucking shit? We close the laptop lid, we get on with our day and all this means nothing.

    Ian Symes

    This seems like a handy excuse to avoid responding to criticism. Wind people up, deliberately or otherwise, get called out for it, and then just say “it doesn’t matter”. But you’re the one who’s writing hundreds of words at a time, so it clearly does matter to you.

    Conversely, I’ve repeatedly used language such as “we’ll leave it at that”, “let’s draw a line under it”, and “happy to let it go”. I’ve given you ample opportunity to just leave it alone and carry on as normal, but it seems you must have the last word. And I’m doing my best to let you have it, but you continue to provoke me into responding again.

    So I’ll spell it out: stop baiting people, stop acting like an injured party, and stop telling people how they should or shouldn’t react. Just carry on posting silly and/or interesting things, like you were before this and how you seem to be capable of in most other threads, and leave this nonsense alone.


    How can I be a part of the forum now after another extremely ill-judged and embarrassing rant from myself? I come across like a naive teenager who needs a clip round the ear at the very least. I am leaving for good now, sorry about all the nonsense.

    Taiwan Tony

    > I come across like a naive teenager who needs a clip round the ear at the very least.

    You always did.

    God bless us, everyone.


    Shut your fucking whore mouth, Taiwan Tony.

    Right, I’m definitely donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne now.


    You’ve quit and reappeared more times than Nigal Farage. My advice would be stop commenting in this thread and just forget about it.


    You’ve quit and reappeared more times than Nigal Farage. My advice would be stop commenting in this thread and just forget about it.


    I’ve really fucked this all up.

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