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As if your podcast queue wasn't full enough! Yes, after squandering a good few months of lockdown (to be fair, one of us has been fairly busy with being a new parent) the G&T commentaries are making a return! Join Ian Symes, Danny Stephenson and Jonathan Capps as we gather remotely to talk over Parallel Universe, a sometimes controversial episode that always seems to hover towards the bottom of episode polls. We discuss the approach to gender politics the episode takes (yey) as well as tackling lighter questions such as: what can't Cheggers be?

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Consider, please, the following famous quote:

"Ringo isn't the best drummer in the world. He isn't even the best drummer in the Beatles."

Let's cut to the chase here. I think there's a good chance the above was written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. I have no proof. There is no great statement at the end of this article revealing all. This is all just musings... and possibly a first step in finding out for sure.

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