Yes folks, for only the second time this year, there’s a reason to by the Daily Mirror. Following on from last April’s Series II promo, they’re now doing this: a Series III promo. Hurrah!

On a Saturday in the next six weeks, they’ll be printing a magical token, which will allow you to redeem your free DVD from any Woolworths or Big W store. The disc will feature The Last Day, as well as some deleted scenes and out-takes (presumably only those corresponding to the episode in question). The Last Day may seem like an odd choice, when you consider the fact that the first three episodes of the series are considered three of the best ever, but the episode is very accessible to new viewers. There’s not a great deal of complicated sci-fi, and very little prior knowledge of the characters is required. Plus, there’s a long sequence of five people getting pissed and talking shite.

The other titles in the, ahem, We Love Telly! promotion are The Office, Eastenders, Porridge, Open All Hours, Absolutely Fabulous and I’m Alan Partridge. There’s also a special sleeve, in which to store the discs. That’s sure to be good.

Oh, and we just have to point out the huge error in yesterday’s Mirror. To advertise the disc, they showed a picture of Kryten (in his gold suit, Series VIII) with the ‘quote’: “Download my diodes and call me Frank!”. The Daily Mirror in massive inaccuracy shock.

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