After the fiasco of the Series III DVD menus, BBC Worldwide and Deluxe Digital Studios (the menu makers) have released this joint statement. The basic upshot is: if you’re having trouble, phone 0870 241 0624, and tell them all about it. There is a slight level of misplaced optimism in the statement. They say that “a very small number of low range or older DVD players have a compatibility issue, however the majority of customers won’t have any problem at all”. Out of all the people I’ve spoken to about the DVD since last week (which is an awful lot), I am the only person who hasn’t had a problem with it!

Also on the official site this week, a reminder about the Region 4 release of the Series III DVD, and a Mr. Flibble interview with Julie Higginson, who played the Marilyn Monroe droid in The Last Day. As Craig Charles says in the commentary, it’s baffling that they use a proper actress for that role, as opposed to a VisFX guy. Oh, well. Julie was also second choice to play Holly in Series III. Instead, she got covered in foam and metal and was made to walk though a wall. Fame is a fickle thing.

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