Oh, man. It’s horrid. The Red Dwarf Zone have reported on this page from DVD Answers, which features artwork for the covers of the US versions of the latest DVDs, as well as giving the release date of 3rd February.

All I can say is thank God we’ve got better covers than that. I fail to see the point of changing them. Are they aimed entirely at the short-sighted? Why else would they want a logo that big? And why on Earth did they choose to dispense with the excellent logo across the spines? It’s just silliness. Fear not, though, folks. I’m sure the Region 2 release of Series IV won’t be so horrid. The Officer’s Quarters set isn’t so close-up on the UK version, which was previewed on the official site ages ago. Hopefully, our version will retain the colour logo, which works better against the pale background.

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