With a little over two months to go before Series IV is released in Britain (bloody Americans), a full list of extras has been posted to TOS. No surprise inclusions or exclusions, but lots of lovely teasers about the content. For example, the Isolated Music Cues will include an alternative score for the planet-pool sequence of White Hole. Shitting crikey. The raw effects footage will have bonus bits of Rimmer’s dome home from Dimension Jump (which was later re-used in The Inquisitor, budget fans), Starbug shooting planets and the garden area of Justice World. There’s also a deleted scene set in those gardens, don’t forget. Still to come on TOS are details about the deleted scenes, cover art, menus, chapter points and, best of all, a Talkie Toaster interview. That’s sure to be good.

Elsewhere on TOS this week, news of Craig’s appearance in Holby City; the report of which has the best sub-header ever. A bit of merchandise news as well, most of which has been reported on here before. Aren’t we great? We weren’t aware, however, of the new Aussie t-shirt, which features a cross-section of A PENCIL. It looks RUBBISH. If you wear it, you are a CUNT.

And finally, an update to the ever-excellent Down Time section, all about holograms. Once again, young Ellard has collated all the factoids and titbits we learn over the course of the series, and created a big thesis based on them. Throwaway comments such as “you’ve changed” lead to theories about holograms being able to automatically update their personalities, and jokes such as the future Rimmer being fat are explained in great detail. It’s fantastic stuff; full marks.

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