Red Dwarf MeetupThis could work. On the third Thursday of every month, a load of Dwarf fans wander over to a local drinking establishment and meet up with other Dwarf fans. It’s the work of Meetup, which has over a million members. You sign up, select your nearest city, and wait for other people to sign up. Simple.

At the moment, there’s only 38 people in the Dwarf group, but things like this need time. Spread the word, and it could work. Personally, talking about my favourite show with a bunch of strangers over a pint of finest mass-produced pissy lager is one of my favourite pasttimes. Hence Dimension Jump. And if you’re meeting in your own city, it’ll hardly cost a thing, and you’ll be home in time for the ten minute preview on The Fantasy Channel. Classic night out.

So, go on over to the Red Dwarf page and stick your details in. Go on.

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