Fresh from last week’s appearance on ITV1’s Murder City, everyone’s favourite JMC mining ship captain is continuing his assault on British television, with a strategic campaign of bit-parts. First up, he’s in next Tuesday’s episode of Hustle, the drama series about some con men, or something. Mac will be playing the challenging role of ‘American’. I hope he can nail that accent. Find out if he will on Tuesday, 30th March at 9pm on BBC ONE.

Much more excitingly, Mac will be appearing in next week’s episode of the excellent Black Books, in an episode entitled A Little Flutter. Manny (the brilliant Bill Bailey) somehow gets Bernard (the delightful Dylan Moran) addicted to gambling, and he is forced to borrow money from “increasingly scary people”. One of these people might well be Floyd – played by Mac. Yes, folks, his character’s got a name this time. This man is clearly going places. Watch him in action on April Fools’ Day at 10pm on Channel 4.

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