Yes, folks, I’m alive, kicking and coming up with shit headlines. Sorry for being shit for the last few weeks, but at least now I’ve come up trumps with this hugely important story. Ahem.

Well, according to top photo-faking news rag The Daily Mirror, Viz spin-off film Fat Slags, directed by some chap called Ed Bye, isn’t going to do very well. AND IT’S ALL TEH GIGNER SPICER’S FAULT. Or something. The film is supposedly so shite, they won’t be holding a premiere. Crikey. According to one viewer, “the humour is very childish”. Yes, because the magazine version is the height of sophistication. Childish humour is not a bad thing, especially when it’s done as well as it is in Viz.

Anyways, the film is released on Friday and features Teh Dward alumni Shend, as “Niarchos 2”, and Don Warrington as Kofi Annan, apparantly. There were rumours a while back that Viz had disowned the project, because they didn’t like the poncey storyline. Not sure whether this is true, but there’s no mention of the release in the latest issue, which is a surprise. Still, I’ll go along and see it. In the event of it being crap, I can take along a copy of Roger’s Profanisaurus to read.

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