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  • Wow, 18m 19s? I thought the fan films had to be about 10 min long. TWICE THE IAN.

    Our film’s just under ten minutes. The BBFC thing obviously refers to the whole item, i.e. both films and Doug’s intros (which is why I said the guy who did the other film would be narked, as he’s not mentioned in the certification). Which must mean that the other winner is only five or six minutes or so long…

    I’m surprised it’s PG.

    Well, you haven’t seen it yet. We were hardly going to fill it with swearing and expect it to win, were we? I must admit, I thought it might have been 12, though – for the use of the word “twat” (in a quoting context) and the semi-nudity…

  • > I thought it might have been 12, though – for the
    > use of the word “twat” (in a quoting context) and
    > the semi-nudity…

    I hope that’s a nod to BTLi. ;)

  • > I hope that’s a nod to BTLi.

    Not really, but it does go to show how ridiculous their rules are if Seb Patrick saying ‘twat’ is officially classified as a PG, but if he did it on BTLi, he stands a chance of being banned.

  • This really surprised me last night – The Island, Michael Bay’s new film (which is rather good), is a 12A, and includes the word “fucking”.

    That’s a 12A, which is little more than a PG these days. I mean I say 5-7 year olds in Batman, and that was a 12A.

    I really don’t know how The Island managed to get less than a 15. They are getting leniant.

  • You’re allowed one “f” word in a 12A now. The new regulations over 12As, however, means that you have to draw attention to the fact when you’re advertising on TV. Have a look next time there’s an advert for a 12A film on – they’re the only certification of films (I think) that have to include such details. At some point in the advert, you’ll get a little bar at the bottom saying something like “Contains mild violence and one instance of strong language”.

  • “Contains strong language, moderate violence and intense action” apparently.

    It’s not just the language, I seriously don’t think it should be a 12A. Or maybe it’s a case of where we should still have a 12 rating, and not this daft 12A business.

    I think PG and U have to include it too. You’ll notice that the BBFC board before films of these three categories is now longer and includes a screen of stuff about what a U/PG/12A classification actually means.

    In other news, I noticed last night that the Walls Magnum 5 Senses Ice Cream advert is a 12A. Is this shown on TV at all, and when?

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