In the words of Arnold J. : “Ohhhhhhh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.”

Well… I suppose… he might have a bit more free time to do the movie, now?

I’ve mused on this on the Webboard, too, but I’m wondering if the Mirror have it in for Craig, or something – since they always seem to be the ones who publish stories about him potentially getting the sack from Corrie. Now they look like they’ll have succeeded in making it happen…

EDIT : Yep, suspended from Corrie, say the Beeb…

3 comments on “Who’s Got The Crack?

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  • Not counting the several time inconsistencies, how the hell can they hear him “whisper” to his driver with three words? I hope this is taken too seriously without real evidence being shown.

  • >During the nightmare trip he interrupted his frenzied drug-taking only to flick through the pages of a stack of pornographic magazines.

    See? He’s not all bad.

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