Dated 23rd December, but (apart from the Glasgow date) this is new news, so it must just be an updated story:

“I will be recording my stand-up show in April for DVD release. I’m very excited as it is my first and after 28 years of stand-up I think I’m ready.

I will be performing my Slide Show at Edinburgh Festival this year.”

Could you get two better Norm-related pieces of news than that? I doubt it. A DVD release of his stand-up should be fantastic – and I’m intrigued to see how his slideshow will go down in Edinburgh…

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  • G&T picking things apart, there. Anyway, fab news, and well done to Norm and whoever else is involved. A great bunch of lads.

  • I suspect the DVD will find its way onto my DVD shelfs…

    Looking forward to the write up/report on TOS…

  • Due to his recent comments I’m not buying the DVD. I’d rather watch Bobby’s youtube videos.

  • >it is my first and after 28 years of stand-up I think I?m ready.

    Thats his opinon, not fact! I know it?s G&T?s objective to rip to shreds every word in every sentence on every site thats even got the slightest link to red dwarf, but come on.

  • Well, being favourably placed, I could see about attending his Edniburgh Slideshow and possibly writing a small review for this site…if you so desired.
    Hell, if I can, I’ll even try for an interview by catching him after it if possible :P

  • One interesting thing about Norm’s website- the ‘alternative text’ for the ‘contact’ icon on the home page is “This is not a daffodil, repeat, this is not a daffodil!”

    Hmm, I can’t remember Norm’s Holly ever saying that…

  • He also uses the phrase “What a guy” somewhere prevalent (can’t remember right now), even though his Holly never appeared in an Ace episode. So I guess Norm did keep up with the show even when he wasn’t involved.

  • > Hmm, I can?t remember Norm?s Holly ever saying that?

    But would it be funny with Norm saying it?

  • His site has now updated again to say that his DVD recording is on April 10th/11th.

    No word as to where it’ll be recorded, though…

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