A second phase of rarities! Fancy that.

So, Red Dwarf Night then. Since the possibility of Universe Challenge ever being available for download here on G&T are next to nothing (we’d like to keep our freedom and money, you see) then this haul of RDN stuff is about the best you’re going to get.

So, have all of the Red Dwarf Night junctions. Take them and devour them whole.

For those of you unsure what a junction is (to be honest, I’m not even entirely sure I’m using the correct term), it’s basically the bit between one TV programme and next. In Red Dwarf Night‘s case this includes: ‘advert’ bumpers, trailers for other BBC shows (left in for context), ‘Coming Next’ clips, TWO/Skutter idents complete with continuity and the Patrick Stewart links. Not bad, actually, AND VERY VERY INTERESTING SO SHUT UP BEFORE I END YOU.

So, presuming you own series 2, IV, V and Just the Smegs (in November, that is) on DVD then you’ll have all the Red Dwarf Night stuff in various bits. Apart from Universe Challenge. Unless you look on UKNova. It might be there. Somehow.

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  • Or…erm…uhhh…if you go onto a certain popular video site and search “universe challenge.” The site’s name rhymes with “GlueLube”.

    Is that ok to say? If not, I’ll edit it out – I just wanted to share the love.

    (I once posted a find on a particular board – one that shall remain nameless – and it got rather embarrassing…..)

    Oh! And thanks for the bits and bobs! Tasty!

  • Nice to have a better quality version of Universe Challenge to keep, though. Although YouTube is a great way of watching it without the hassle.

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