There we bloody well go, then. It’s just incredible seeing it all together like that – and I keep seeing things I’d forgotten about, such as the Rob and Doug commentary on the script extracts. Remember when we thought we’d just be getting the doccos and not much else?

So, what’s new, then? Well, we have confirmation of the raw FX footage, as I first mentioned here – and it’ll include some unused shots, which is excellent. We’re also promised “a couple of Easter Eggs”. One of these is the Lost Moments egg, as revealed in the first lot of BBFC classifications, but the other one has now been passed – 36 seconds, with the non-specific title Red Dwarf – The Body Snatcher Collection DVD Extra. Any guesses as to what this is? I suppose it could be the short version of the Remastered promo, as shown before the first broadcast of The End Remastered the day before Red Dwarf Night

But the major new thing on the discs announced here is the first official mention of the new Red Dwarf Mobisodes, a clip from which is going to be included with the release. For more on the Mobisodes, see here.

Onto the disc structure then – and Bodysnatcher, The End: The Original Assembly and the Series 1 and 2 doccos deservedly take centre stage on what is effectively Disc 1. Ages ago, I predicted that the Remastered docco would be included on the same disc as the two series documentaries – but this is before we knew about The Original Assembly, and indeed Bodysnatcher itself. Note also, at that point, that I’m talking about the “fourth disc” – it’s amazing how much the tone of the release has changed from those days, since the title change…

But then, maybe this is the essential point. I’ll admit, at one time I wished this release was five discs. And hey, it would have been nice. But in all honesty, I’d separated the discs into my head as “three crap, one fantastic” – I wanted a fifth disc mainly so I didn’t feel I was buying a release of which only a quarter was really worth watching. But the inclusion of the extras on the other discs has changed that. And the real triumph is that with the commentaries, and the text track on every episode, GNP have even made the inclusion of the Remastered series something I’m actively excited about – not just something to tolerate, or finish my collection, or sit and sneer at. This no longer feels like I’m buying crap to get my hands on the good stuff.

GNP have pulled it off – they’ve made buying THE REMASTERED SERIES ITSELF something I want. Bloody hell.

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  • Hooray!

    (not that I don’t love that original painting, of course – just that I can’t wait to see something new and exciting…)

  • It’s just too much! All those extras. I’ll be like an animal…

    If you were to watch every extra only one way a day, that’s 90+ ways!!!!!!!!!!! That’s just abotu 3 months to watch everything!!!!!


  • Andrew did you know that article looks odd in Internet Explorer? The text and the bullet points kind of overlap.

    It looks fine in Firefox though…

  • Such a brilliant set. We truly are not worthy.

    So…the Mobisode…are we talking short audio clips, or cutdown classic episodes, with new animation over them, that you can download to your phone?

  • I’m hoping for new adventures, starring Richard E. Grant and Derek Jacobi. Followed, of course, by a revived 13-part series a couple of years later.

  • When I saw “updated” I had a fleeting hope that there might be rumors of a US release. *sigh* Looks fantastic. I’ll just have to be satisfied with a review. There WILL be a review, right?


  • > but the other one has now been passed – 36 seconds, with the non-specific title Red Dwarf – The Body Snatcher Collection DVD Extra.

    Oh boy is that ever NOT an Easter Egg… :-)

  • I’m surprised you’ve never submitted one of those clips under the name “RED DWARF REMASTERED CLIP – STOP PEEKING JOHN, YOU’LL NEVER FIND OUT WHAT THIS IS”.

  • If it was us that submitted them, I might have done!

    But then, if it was us that submitted them, I’d probably have made sure MY GREAT BIG NAME was accurately reported on all the various docco credits… :-)

  • Gah. Well, my BBFC guesses are usually not bad, these days. I just guessed it was the egg because it was short, and because the title seemed designed to hide what the content actually is…

    I’m now wondering if we’ve got another egg to appear, in that case, as I think only one has been passed so far.

  • > I?d probably have made sure MY GREAT BIG NAME was accurately reported on all the various docco credits? :-)

    Good point. It’s not as if Adnew Eldard is even an easy name to get wrong!

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