Obviously, the only sensible thing to do is to go through them one by one…

Picture 1. A new long shot of the four main cast members. This is lovely, particularly Craig Charles’s amusing face. Chris Barrie looks like he could have been transplanted directly from Series V. Unfortunately, Robert Llewellyn looks like twice the man he was in Series V. This picture could make an excellent Radio Times cover…

Picture 2. A full body shot of Craig Charles. He looks young, moody and excellent. But it’s not a patch on…

Picture 3. CHRIS BARRIE’S BEAUTIFUL FACE. I just can’t stop looking at it. I want a massive, massive poster of this picture. Please.

Picture 4. It’s Danny John Jules’s cock. There’s no two ways about it. The eye is naturally drawn to Danny’s all-singing-all-dancing-white-person-distrusting package. Also, I’d not noticed before that he’s wearing a big jumpsuit. A jumpsuit with cuff links?

Oh, and it would be remiss of me not to point out the shitty green glow around his feet…

Picture 5. It’s Kryten, standing like a robot might stand. This is a good chance to take a look at his costume in full – it’s very Cyberman-esque, isn’t it? Oh sorry, that should be “Cybus-men”…

Picture 6. Sophie Winkleman. If it wasn’t for the fact that my girlfriend is sitting next to me, I’d point out that she looks bloody gorgeous…

Picture 7. It’s the crew posing outside The Kabin on Coronation Street. The first time I saw the little thumbnail, I thought it was Rachel. Turns out it’s just the statue of a paper selling boy from outside the shop…

Picture 8. Some of the most amusing faces ever pulled, there. I can’t decide whether Cat’s or Rimmer’s is the best. Oh, OK, Chris Barrie just about shades it. As usual.

Picture 9. It’s Kryten with a car key for a finger! They should sell Kryten keyrings based on this image. Full sized ones.

Picture 10. Danny John Jules with a coat over his massive coat. The big poof. Also, he has a script secreted on his person. Presumably to avoid using the old piece-of-paper-pinned-to-the-other-actors-head technique.

Picture 11. It’s an ACTION SHOT. Lister with a big pipe or something around his neck. This must be to do with the “discovery of a dimension-hopping leviathan in the ship’s mile-deep water tank” from the Part One synopsis.

Picture 12. It’s an old pic of Lister in his best bib and tucker. WE’VE SEEN THIS BEFORE, HOW BORING.

Picture 13. A lovely full shot on Carbug on Coronation Street. No new revelations, but lovely nonetheless.


Yet another example of the press interest in Back To Earth being beyond our wildest hopes. This has got to get a Radio Times cover, hasn’t it? I genuinely never considered that this would be a possibility. The fact that we’re now expecting it says it all.

(And yes, I know that the headline was a TV Times slogan, not Radio Times. But, you know, fuck off.)

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  • On the Katerina one (yum!) it says she is hell-bent on replacing Rimmer on Star Bug, please, please, please let that mean the Big Green one appears in these.

  • i hope the propper starbug appears at some point . these pics look great. looking good to get the cover for next week YESSSS!!!!

  • Is that a key in Kryten’s finger?

    Edit: Nevermind, read the caption and answered my own question.

  • Maybe it is my dislike of the Cybusmen and my love for Kryten shadowing my judgement but I do not see a resemblance.

    >Pic 1: Backwards VHS cover twenty years later.
    I am pretty sure that is what they were going for, it is atleast the first thing I thought when I saw it, I used to watch that video all the time, a wonderful cover. You need to do an article on the VHS covers.

  • Btw didnt wanna point out the obvious, but this weeks issue does say about a feature in next weeks issue. My mam told me about this a few days back, but I forgot to say. Sorry :S

  • Yeah, we all spoke about that at the time – we still haven’t had it confirmed that it’s going to grace the cover, though.

  • I’d put money on It now.

    Ok, so will the next issue be the Easter issue, or will the following? Coz it would make sense if next week is red dwarf, and the week after is doc who.

  • After yesterday’s video, I honestly didn’t expect to be able to get any more excited BUT I AM. The old/new VHS cover is glorious.

  • Lovely shots, the costumes all look brilliant, and like everyone else has said, give off a very Series V vibe. I find Cat’s getup to be quite amusing in particular: a crimson red jumpsuit with flares and cuffs and a massive big furry coat. Genius.

  • If it does get a RD cover it wouldn’t be the first of course. Although it’d still be bloody staggering given the BBC turned down the show and it’s now on a commercial channel, albeit one the Beeb have a hand in.

  • >If it does get a RD cover it wouldn?t be the first of course.

    Yeah, there have been two I think. One for Series VII, and one with Ainsley Harriot for the 10th Ann. Night.

  • Sort of – it’s referring to the TV Times advertising slogan that The Young Ones also refers to.

  • Sureley there have been more RadioTimes covers an those two? Was there not one for series 8? I really cant remember.

  • That RT cover is great – except that it should be for the week 4th – 10th April. Sorry to be pedantic and all, but…

  • Dwarf definetly got a cover for Series 7, there was an absolute gorgeous shot of Chloe at their ‘covers’ party about 8 months later.

  • It wont make the cover, as there are very strong rumours Doctor Who is grabbing Easter Sunday now, which makes it the same weekend… And a BBC product will take priority in the Radio Times.

    Not to say it wont get a million page spread inside, but I DOUBT it’ll win the cover. Unless they were to release 2 different covers or something.

  • > If it does get a RD cover it wouldn?t be the first of course. Although it?d still be bloody staggering given the BBC turned down the show and it?s now on a commercial channel, albeit one the Beeb have a hand in.

    More than that – Radio Times is BBC Worldwide, not BBC-proper. And UKTV is half-owned by BBC Worldwide. In a way, they’re buttering their own bread MORE than if they put RandomBBCshowX on the front.

  • It’s a shame, cause an RT cover would be exactly the kind of mass-publicity that could shoot up the ratings for this thing.

  • But, as we discussed before, Dwarf starts on Friday, which is in a different TV listings mag week to Dr Who…

  • Agreed, they have to go with the cover for the week ending the 10th, thus keeping the 11th onwards for Who = everybody’s happy

  • It wont make the cover, as there are very strong rumours Doctor Who is grabbing Easter Sunday now, which makes it the same weekend?

    Uh, Doctor Who was always going to be the same weekend, whether Saturday or Sunday. It’s “the Easter special”. It’s been known as being that for ages.

    But yes, as Flibble says, Dwarf starts on Friday, so the RT can legitimately put it on the cover the week before.

  • Not that that would stop them anyway – the Doctor Who christmas special got the cover of the issue *before* the Christmas fortnight (which featured the top rated Wallace and Gromit).

  • I think we can say that Christmas is a bit of an exception as the telly schedules are considerably more hyped than Easter. Doctor Who gracing the 11-17th April Issue is a certainty.

    The only problem I can foresee is that it’s on a digital channel and will probably only garner around 2 million viewers at the most. Can anyone think of a precedent where a programme from outside of the Terrestrial channels has grabbed the front page?

    (Incidentally, I’m inclined to think it WILL get the front page and will be a bit of a trend-setter in this respect. The amount of publicity it’s getting from the website and the “Next Issue” bit is enough to sway me)

  • >did torchwood have radio times cover when that 1st aired on bbc 3 ?

    Yes, it did. The second series didn’t though, despite premiering on BBC2.

    And I’m 100% sure it’s a Dwarf cover next week – the picture in the back page is always the clue.

  • > Yes, it did. The second series didn?t though, despite premiering on BBC2.

    I would say it’s a given that series 3 WILL have the cover, seeing as it’s on BBC1 over 5 nights!

  • There’s an extra photo in the RT gallery now – behind the bar with Steve MacDonald…

    This means that the previous ‘picture 14’ is now ‘picture 15’ which puts the links in the main article above out of kilter, if you want to fix it, team. ;)

    It’s a nice photo, but the annoying thing is that it’s cropped, so that we barely see Cat and Lister, when the photo can be seen in it’s complete – if smaller and un ‘click-to-save-able’ – glory on the home page. Grr.

  • This means that the previous ?picture 14? is now ?picture 15? which puts the links in the main article above out of kilter, if you want to fix it, team. ;)


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