Yes, alright, well, YOU try coming up with a headline for this news. Anyway, congratulations are in order for Mr Robert Llewellyn, who has single-handedly proven the axiom that nowadays the best way to get original content off the ground is to do it yourself, stick it online and wait for a broadcaster who’s looking for a proven success to jump onboard with rather than taking chances on something risky in this difficult economic climate. By which I mean, Dave have decided to turn Bobby’s web-based interview series (seems weird seeing it described as a “chat show”, doesn’t it? But then, I suppose that’s what it is) Carpool into an actual proper TV series. It’ll be sponsored by Toyota, whose Prius is (as if you didn’t know) the car Bobby uses to give his guests lifts – and if Dave have any sense, they’ll basically retain the existing format to the letter and simply tart up the graphics and sound quality a little bit.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re just going to give Dave a ring ourselves to see if they’re interested in doing an animated version of Dwarfcasts.

6 comments on “Dave Takes A Dip In The Car Pool

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  • I suppose the only issue would be if Dave gave into the temptation to use Carpool to peddle their latest show “oh yeah, the premiere is on Friday…”

  • *pulls Gatiss face*

    Been done, hasn’t it?


    My non-Dwarf headline was “Cable and CarPool #12”

  • Great news! I wonder how much it will be plugging Dave-based shows… but I imagine at some point we will be looking forward to Chris, Craig and Danny taking rides in his little car again.

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