So, starting on the 4th August, YouTube will be launching Geek Week, spotlighting all manner of geeky things including, most notably, a one-off new episode of Knightmare which is sure to be good.

More pertinently for us, however, is that Kryten is to be unceremoniously ripped from the Red Dwarf universe and “will act as a daily host pointing viewers to new videos”.  As far as I can tell there’s no word on who will be writing Kryten’s dialogue, but I imagine it will cover topics such as cleaning, cleaning and cleaning.

The whole thing is being produced by ChannelFlip, who have also been responsible Our Bobby’s web series Carpool and The MoWer.

EDIT: So this has all started now, and Kryten’s daily introduction videos have actually turned out to be quite good, as has Geek Week itself.  As revealed in Seb’s big TOS on Friday these videos are written by Robert Llewellyn (The Joeys, The Corner House, Beyond a Joke) and directed (and presumably also co-written) by Doug Naylor (Pushing Up Daisies, Over to Bill, Beyond a Joke).

Here, have some handy fucking links why not:

  1. Kryten’s Picks for Blockbuster Sunday
  2. Kryten’s Picks for Global Geekery Monday
  3. Kryten’s Picks for Brainiac Tuesday
  4. Kryten’s Picks for Super Wednesday
  5. Kryten’s Picks for Gaming Thursday
  6. Kryten’s Picks for Fan Friday
  7. Kryten’s Picks for Best of Saturday

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  • “As far as I can tell there’s no word on who will be writing Kryten’s dialogue”

    It sounds like something Robert would come up with himself, though if he’s in the Kryten getup there must be at least some GNP involvement. Maybe Ellard will write it between script editing episodes of Count Arthur Strong…:D

    Incidentally, I reckon Graham Linehan should have a crack at an episode of Red Dwarf.

  • It’s unlikely – I don’t know how much crossover there’s going to be between the US and UK Geek Week stuff – but blimey, that’d be fun.

  • My comment is awaiting moderation? It hasn’t been that long since I posted. Moderate my arse! ;-)

    EDIT: I wonder if I can embed the tweet rather than link to it….

    Had a tiring but wonderful day yesterday with @DougRDNaylor @RichardDGNaylor and others doing a bit of Kryten for YouTube #geekweek— Robert Llewellyn (@bobbyllew) July 31, 2013

  • And you can find out exactly what Doug’s involvement is on a certain official site tomorrow…

  • There’s mention of Geek Week again in the Metro today. Some youtube ‘star’ commenting that certain behavior isn’t really geeky, just human and that “You’re not really geeky unless you own a Red Dwarf box set”.

    There’s also talk that Rob is featuring in this…

    Oh, and on page 16 some guy is walking to John O’ Groats with a Smeg fridge strapped to his back.

    That is the end, of this Groovy Funky Metro update.

  • “You’re not really geeky unless you own a Red Dwarf box set”

    What a bizarre thing to say.

  • Surely you’re actually less geeky if you own the boxset (in this case Just The Shows) rather than the individual series’!

  • I had a conversation with the author of the Survival Guide about the Survival Guide a few weeks ago.

  • I really like the Survival Guide. Loads better than the Log. (That’s the Red Dwarf Log 1996, not Craig Charles’ The Log. Though that’s crap, too.)

  • I think I got rid of all three at around the same time. I still have a copy of Craig’s Almanac of Total Knowledge though, so that survived the cull somehow. The Survival Guide and The Log I realised I was keeping due to the Red Dwarf link and no other reason. The Log 1996 invited unfavourable comparisons to Mr Bean’s Diary, which is largely genius, so that went with them.

  • I’m really surprised at the ill-feeling towards the Survival Guide. As non-Grant/Naylor RD fiction, I think it’s great.

    Anyway, back to the matter in hand, ie Kryten and Geek Week – that first vid’s alright, isn’t it? Looks good, and nicely amusing. Looking forward to the rest of the week, and I’ll try and check out some of the featured vids during the week. :)

  • Not seen Knightmare yet, but I’ve caught up with Kryten’s two videos and I really like them! Nothing spectacular, but they’re really nicely put together and amusing.

  • Knightmare:

    For me, It felt a lot like Back to Earth – the pieces were there, but mixed up and in with stuff that wasn’t a great idea, like… well, virtually the entire opening five minutes!

    Hopefully, if there’s a series to follow, then as with RDX they’d work on the tone more.

  • Needed more Hugo Myatt not doing a Two Towers “Theoden controlled by Saruman” impression, and to just generally get into the actual quest faster.

  • Kill jester.

    Man, that’s a sketch I wasn’t expecting to see referenced… well, anywhere, really.

  • Man, that’s a sketch I wasn’t expecting to see referenced… well, anywhere, really.

    Such is the G&T community.

  • I actually stopped watching the Knightmare episode because it took too long to get into the actual show, but came back to it a couple of hours later to find I’d stopped watching at almost the exact moment things start moving along.

  • Are people complaining about the time taken introducing the contestants, the stuff with Veruca/Treguard or both? I seem to remember the start of a new series always had a bit more scene setting than regular episodes.

    Once they started questing it seemed to move quite quickly, as John commented somewhere that final room had a real “Oh fuck” moment. Shame there wasn’t an appearance by Granitas or an heir, but riddles would have slowed things up even more.

  • I’ve watched the first eight minutes so far. The quest’s just started. Will go back and watch the rest when it’s a bit quieter.

    I used to enjoy Knightmare when I was a kid, but I would never want to go on it.
    Though that was largely because I didn’t have three friends who’d want to go on it.
    In fact, I’m not sure I had three friends.

  • Having in your possession a Knightmare application gets you a lot of ‘friends’ #experience

    Got as far as the audition once.

  • I thought Knightmare was quite good. It surprised me how close they stuck to the original shows, though I suppose that was the whole point! If it came back a-proper it would definitely need a bit of a refresh, though mainly from the presentation side of things and character ‘acting’. The greenscreen setup should stay the same, and I was a fan of the look of the last room, more stuff like that!

  • Red Dwarf waxwork museum?

    I’m sure waxwork museums are incredibly popular in the 22nd century.

    Just as they are today.

  • Maybe the waxwork museum was too expensive to get rid of, so it was installed on Red Dwarf so none of the planets would have to deal with it.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing that in Series XI. Maybe have Rimmer blow them all up or something.

    Or has that been done before?

  • The museum could fall under some JMC requirement for basic recreation facilities I suppose.

    “Red Dwarf: City of Culture 2277 or Whatever”

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