We all understandably got a little over-excited on Wednesday when it emerged that Red Dwarf would be making an appearance in Lego Dimensions. My limited knowledge of the game lead me to assume that the presence of the bunkroom set meant that we’d be getting a fully playable Dwarf-based expansion pack, but it soon became clear that there’s a precedent for some franchises making smaller, cameo appearances within other levels. Today’s TOS update confirms that this is the case with Dwarf; scenery from the show forms part of the Fantastic Beasts expansion pack, released today. There won’t be playable minifigs of the crew, but the areas will be explorable using the main game characters of your choice.

It would be churlish to feel too disappointed by this, because if we hadn’t have initially leapt to a dream conclusion, today’s announcement would still be totally mind-bogglingly brilliant. The TOS update features a new set of screengrabs that showcase the beautiful science room area, complete with bio-printer, along with corridors strewn liberally with JMC logos and what looks to my untrained eye like the raw materials required to build a little Lego skutter. It looks fantastic, and I remain incredibly impressed that our little show has been chosen for such treatment. The social media reaction to the initial teaser on Wednesday showed just how much enthusiasm there is for a full Red Dwarf console game, be it as part of Lego Dimensions or otherwise, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that this is just the start.

Incidentally, the TOS update is keen to avoid giving away details of how this hidden area can be found within the game, but if you want to know how it all works, Sony themselves have published the information on this PlayStation blog post. It’s a list of the six best Easter Eggs from the game, and it consists of seven Easter Eggs from the game. Red Dwarf is the second #5.  You know that the point of an Easter Egg is that it’s supposed to be secret and hidden, right? If one of the publishers posts all the details online on the day of game’s release, they’re not Easter Eggs, they’re just regular features that are slightly more difficult to come across than others.

And finally, the second TOS piece of the day concerns the Steelbook clusterfuck. There’s confirmation that the episode titles given do indeed relate to Series XII, but that they may change between now and broadcast, along with the running order. If I was them, I’d deliberately change absolutely every last detail, just to fuck with us all. Incidentally, our review of the DVD/Bluray/Steelbook will be along this weekend, with apologies for the delay. I couldn’t get my hands on the discs until Monday evening, and I’ve discovered that I have far more to say about them than I expected…

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