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    I have the silver fishing rod, shovel and watering can and a golden slingshot.
    Still working towards the others!


    Who are your villagers?

    Current Residents

    Rolf – Old white Tiger. He is awesome. I may be biased as I love tigers, but I don’t even care!

    Francine – A weird looking blue and white rabbit/person hybrid. Annoying. Keeps bitching about how my hair looks.

    Greta – A little white and black Japanese (?) Mouse. She’s fine. Doesn’t do much, but does call me Shmoopy, which is a bit annoying, but better than Wonder J which Egbert started the little shit.

    Sydney – A purple koala. Nice enough, but seems obsessed with finding a girlfriend.

    Sylvia – Purple kangaroo. Seems dodgy. Keeps giving me suspicious gifts. When can I get a Police station and lock this one up?

    Scoot – Green duck with pants on his head. Jock. Annoying. Keeps telling me I’m unfit. Next on my hitlist.

    Bluebear – A blue bear shockingly! Cute, sweet, nice. I’m keeping her.

    Klaus – A big grey bear. Love dancing at inappropriate moments. Excellent.

    Moved Away
    Barold – a weird mole/bear looking thing who kept going on about me being his big sister.
    Egbert – Yellow chicken who cried all the time. Started everyone calling me Wonder J. I hate him.


    Wonder J

    Pretty sure Sylvia is the one who gave me her mop.

    Teddy the working out bear who works out is currently using Midge the bird as his beard.

    Rizzo and Broccolo are both mice and I’ve only just learnt through Googling the spelling that Broccolo is a boy.

    Zucker the octopus yelled at me for not knowing he was sick.

    Colton is a horse.

    Kabuki the cat is awesome.

    I want Soleil the hamster out out OUT.


    I’ve got two who are obsessed with working out – Cobb the bespectacled pig and Biff the hippo, but Biff’s moving soon. I’m hoping they’ll either fight or get it on before he goes. Deli the monkey and Joey the duck who calls me Mr C are adorable. I just got rid of a rabbit called Tiffany who was a bit haughty and up herself. Melba the koala calls me Toasty for some reason, which I like. Eugene, another koala, is a bit of a pretentious twat at times but he’s alright.

    Ben Paddon

    I haven’t touched the game in a month, due to other commitments. I’m almost scared to boot it up now.

    Ben Paddon

    Well, guess what I just spent the last hour and a half doing.


    So Sylvia’s moving out without informing me, Jo. >:(

    Turns out I forgot Anicotti, another mouse, lives there as well.

    Tanya Jones

    Cheri just left without me being able to say goodbye. She was a bit abrasive, although not as abrasive as Elise, one of Rutland’s 3 (three!) monkeys, who’s all over the place emotionally. She sends me nice, fragile-sounding letters, then moans at me for not being around when I meet her! Animals, eh?

    Nana, one of the other monkeys, is always lovely, however. She also bows respectfully when you leave her home, which is adorable.


    I still don’t play this and probably never will, but I love that Tanya’s town is called Rutland! Makes me want to drop in and watch RWT. :)


    >So Sylvia’s moving out without informing me, Jo. >:(

    What did I do?!

    I have two new residents:

    Kid Cat – a sports mad cat. Brill. Another one that calls me “Ladybro”.

    Lucy – a pig. Not spoken to her much yet. Seems ok.

    John Hoare

    Oh look, it’s another annoying link to Dirty Feed. It is relevant, though:



    I’ve thought the exact same thing. Btw “Mum” would be just as wrong as “Mom” for some of us – it’s “Mam”


    I’m afraid to go back. :( I almost booted it back up to see what Halloween was like, but then I was afraid that it would just be a bunch of villagers yelling at me for not pulling their weeds.

    I’d like to see Christmas in Animal Crossington…so what kind of cleanup should I expect for not touching the damned thing in months?


    If you enacted the Beautiful Town ordinance before you abandoned them it shouldn’t be too bad. Otherwise expect cockroaches in your house, weeds galore and lots of wilted flowers.

Viewing 14 posts - 101 through 114 (of 114 total)
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