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    Everyone’s on Discord nowadays. Do you think it would be a good idea to have a server for G&T? I don’t have a place on Discord to talk about Red Dwarf, and it would be fun to interact in a messenger setting.



    I’m not on Discord, though I might join if there was a G&T server.

    That said, the forums here are so active, do we neeeed another platform? Wouldn’t we just be sat at work (or where ever) with two screens open instead of one?


    Stephen Abootman

    I’d be up for it but it should probably be for anything except Red Dwarf, wouldn’t want this place to suffer because of it.

    Although if there is a ‘why I don’t like VII/VIII/Timewave’ channel that everything can go into instead, that might not be a bad thing.



    I’m an old man over 30 so I don’t really know what that is, but if its real-time chat, it could be good for selected group viewing and commentating/reacting? For those of us who tragically can’t watch Red Dwarf, Star Trek crap or other things with people in real life (spouse is lukewarm on those).

    Although we span different time zones from North America to East Asia at least, so scheduling might not be ideal.


    Ben Saunders

    It’s basically Skype, or MSN Messenger groups etc. Just chat. Very popular among gamers. Different “channels” within a “server” for discussion about various topics, and usually a general thread. I would join a G&T discord if it existed, but I do agree that since the forums are so active already I don’t really see a need in it. Might be cool, though.

    It could definitely be good for setting up watch parties etc, there are also sites like Rabbit and Cytube we could funnel on over to (via the Discord) if we were watching anything on YouTube or DailyMotion


    International Debris

    I’ll be there if someone sets one up. I won’t if they don’t.



    I looked into those before, but they looked unsuitable with all the syncing and the file having to be on specific sites. If we all had access to a video anyway we could just do the hi-tech thing of pressing our play buttons at the same time. I would really enjoy seeing your Star Trek V hymen broken in real time, I have to admit. So obviously there needs to be some elaborate G&T spin-off set up to satisfy my lust.


    Ben Saunders

    Anything I watch I give my full attention because I feel if I’m distracted in any way then I’m not giving the material the respect it deserves and am unable to be fully engaged in or appreciative of it. But then it is the legendary Star Trek V, so it probably doesn’t deserve much respect. Although I have seen people say V is underrated, but… this isn’t the Star Trek thread!

    If I think something is truly pants I have been known to shitpost during it or pause it to make some comments. I’ve done a lot of re-watching of Doctor Who stuff with audiences, not just with Twitch but also on Cytube, and it can be a lot of fun, especially when the thing you’re watching is a bit shit and you can meme about it



    A G&T Discord would be pretty good, although the forums are already pretty active. So maybe it’s not necessary? Could be kind of fun though


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    I’ve never used Discord, and I’d be very uncomfortable about anyone running something using the G&T name that the admin team aren’t in control of. So obviously feel free to set up a Red Dwarf related chat on there, but please don’t use our name.



    I’ve used discord and to be honest, not that enamoured. It’s ok but it’s very fleeting. If it’s reasonably well populated conversations move up the page quite quickly without the ease a forum has for re-reading.

    I’d rather this forum had a better forum engine(?) if that’s the correct terminology. Something that had notifications for replies and easy upload of pictures and shiz, something like the TOS one, which is obviously a dumpster fire but the forum is good in theory, I use another unrelated forum which uses the same backend and it’s fantastic.



    *wanders in, wonders what the fuck everyone’s talking about, wanders back out*



    Katydid’s point was that she wanted to talk about Red Dwarf on there, but it could also be a place to consign off-topic chat that only a few people are interested in and is potentially annoying to the majority of G&T forum readers. Can’t think of any specific threads, but it’s bound to come up.

    If you’re worried about attracting “normal” fans who love all the rose-tinted series they remember from childhood uncritically but hate the new ones because they’re not from their childhood, just don’t put ‘Red Dwarf’ in the name or searchable descriptions I guess.


    International Debris

    How about calling it Tanymede & Gitan?



    Custer, Kit & Titan



    I know Discord is where all the cool kids hang out these days, but it really is just a re-wrapped version of IRC. It’s great for general chitter chatter, but sucks balls if you’re trying to scroll back and see what people are talking about while you’ve been offline. It’s also really hard to chime in on conversations that have already ‘passed’.

    The best bit of G&T is the people here and the amount of interesting, well thought out posts (ignoring the idea for an episode thread). I think a lot of that would be lost in Discord.

    I’d be another vote for having an improved forum engine where you can do radical things like edit your post, or search. But considering the guys are busy having lives and all that I’m not going to hold my breath.

    Sure if someone set one up I’d go with Discord, but I’d be thinking of the forum.



    I saw the idea as an accessory to the forum. Forums are much better suited for thoughtful lengthy discussion than chats, but chats are more of a direct interaction. Each has benefits.




    I went ahead and made a Red Dwarf server. Everyone is free to join.

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