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    Thought you ought to know.
    Now I can often jump to conclusions based on insufficient evidence, so please feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken, but what I deduce from this is that we literally just passed up the opportunity to find out the episode order and the airdates of the complete first series of Wrinkles, as well as potentially getting a hold of those two missing episodes.
    I bet those damn monkeys on the Omega 4 are laughing at us.

    Ian Symes


    Wrinkles Wrecovered

    And yet this page still doesn’t list the dates.

    Flap Jack

    Updating that page to add the missing 2 episodes and broadcast dates is assuredly on the G&T to-do list. It just isn’t urgent.

    As long as it’s updated ahead of 15th April so we all have time to vote in the Wrinkles Wranking, it’s all good.


    I think it’s highly unlikely that anything from Series 2 is going to be able to compete with the ‘original 6’ bubble.

    Ben Kirkham

    I’ve missed most of them too because things have gotten on top of me a bit but I did mention it to Cappsy in the thread linked above, and he’s planning to update them at some point but it isn’t a priority. Hope this helps.

    It’s lovely that it’s getting more people hooked onto Wrinkles! I’ve still got the G&T versions and I think David Ross, in particular, has superb timing.


    In the meantime, Jonsmad’s put a handy episode guide in the comments here, complete with dates. 

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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