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    I read your recent posts on your Twitter feed and you hit the nail on the head.

    Before the stupidity, I would post on this forum regularly enough and I had opinions much like everyone has opinions and the banter and conversation flowed back and forth but there was no malice in any of it from anyone, including myself. No intention to be a prick, or a troll, or any other negative presence here. It was great to post on the forum, to share in the jokes and references and good nature of it all.

    The complaint I sent to the Beeb about BBC Three and the debate it generated was a particular highlight. We all threw in our best but it was gracious and most importantly, funny. There was no badness behind the names and contradicting opinions. Instead, it was simply fun to be part of it all and share in the debate.

    I said stupid things around October last year and I made some really crass, unneeded and frankly unfunny comments. People called me out, quite bloody rightly and I was unable to shake it as I knew deep down I had lost the trust of all those who used the forum and used it to talk about whatever they liked without fear of real malice, real crassness and being somehow made to feel like they weren’t welcome. It seemed to continue, that behaviour, for the longest time, and I was a fucking moron.

    I’m sorry about it all, to everyone who took offence or simply felt it just wasn’t on. It wasn’t on and none of it was needed and since then, I’ve felt like a bit of a ghoul around here, unable to give my opinion or share in the debate and conversation without tainting it somehow, for lack of a better word. I wanted to come over during Dimension Jump and say hello to all of you but I knew my behaviour on here meant that that wasn’t possible.



    I realize this is to John but I also realize you posted it in a public forum so fuck it.

    From my seat on the sidelines, it didn’t look at all like the problem was the fact that you made “crass and unfunny comments.” The problem was that you were called out on it, repeatedly, and instead of backing down you hammered on them even more strongly, making it clear that you felt that anyone who didn’t like them was in the wrong.

    You were told to stop by multiple mods. Instead you took the same shitty attitude into other threads, actively and knowingly ruining them.

    At some point you created an alt account — this one — and kept up exactly the same behavior.

    Trust me. I know how it feels to say some dumbass thing you’re embarrassed of and that you can’t take back. But since the times you do pop back up see you being a cunt all over again, I’m not really surprised you feel as though your opinion isn’t welcome. (For the record, I’m not saying it ISN’T welcome…but rather that it’s pretty clear where your adversarial feelings are coming from. They’re coming from you, jackass.)

    I didn’t even follow the whole saga but I’ve seen multiple apologies from you, none of which have been followed by any kind of change in behavior.

    I’d imagine if you didn’t behave like an asshole, people wouldn’t treat you like one, and that might be your way forward.

    But, hey, what do I know.


    No, you’re absolutely right, Phil.

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