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    Spare Hand One

    How can a person be clever and dedicated enough to know how to put pictures on Wikipedia, but not understand aspect ratios?

    Look at the squashage: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M-Corp_(Red_Dwarf)



    I can’t see it.



    On the main Red Dwarf page on Wikipedia, someone’s bothered to list all the obsolete video releases and include arguably unnecessary details such as their respective UK and US catalogue numbers, but gave up while researching the release dates. The catalogue numbers aren’t listed for the DVDs and Blu-rays you can actually buy.

    Many visual and character elements bear similarities to the Trident nuclear submarine BBC documentary Defence of the Realm.

    Not read that about Red Dwarf before, and can’t see it mentioned anywhere else. Maybe that should’ve been the basis of Back to Earth.

    Didn’t bother to proofread the whole page, I have the attention span of a Red Dwarf fan.



    Oof, I’m afraid I’m the culprit behind this. Bold and Brash is the name.

    This was about a year ago and I made every photo I found the exact same aspect ratio cause I thought that was mandatory. I apologize, you can replace it, however.

    Also if you notice only Twentica, Give & Take, and M-Corp have pages. That’s cause Twentica was already there, and every other episode from XI and XII I tried making pages for would stop me as there were already redirects for the Red Dwarf list of episodes page and I didn’t know how to bypass it. So I only did Give & Take and M-Corp, both being horribly written abominations, whoops.



    I did Twentica.



    Well, someone else filled in the synopsis.


    Seb Patrick

    On the main Red Dwarf page on Wikipedia, someone’s bothered to list all the obsolete video releases and include arguably unnecessary details such as their respective UK and US catalogue numbers, but gave up while researching the release dates.

    Speaking as someone who spent a lot of time researching release dates for the VHSes for the Complete Guide on TOS, I can tell you it’s really, really difficult to find precise release dates for VHS in the UK in the 1990s. Especially seeing as (a) they often don’t seem to have had a specific “day one” release date so much as filtered out into shops roughly at a certain time and (b) in some cases the planned release date kept slipping and slipping to the extent that it became a running joke in the Smegazine.

    (If anyone does have hard evidence of more specific release dates for the videos than the ones I’ve got on TOS then I would be delighted to hear about it.)



    Alright you bastards, I fixed the fucking Wikipedia pages. New, shorter, concise synopses and new and improved photos with non-squashed aspect ratios.



    In fact I’m doing the same to the X photos as I speak, I need to get the other XI and XII episodes articles as well but it’s a pain in the balls creating the pages when they already have redirects at the “List of Red Dwarf episodes” page.

    If anybody knows a way around this, please advise.




    You just click the “redirected from” link at the top of the page.

    Or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:WhatLinksHere/List_of_Red_Dwarf_episodes if you want to go the long way around.



    Lol I’ll guess I’ll start from Timewave and work my way up. I finished the X photos, correcting their aspect ratios. Their episode synopses may or may not be very good but they haven’t been marked so I’ll assume they’re alright.



    Thx btw



    Timewave done. I’m going to do my next available favorite Siliconia next then call it a day for now



    Right, I’m well fucking pissed off now. I just got done do the entire page for Samsara and load a preview only for Wikimedia servers to crash. God fucking damnit, I didn’t save the fucking shit now I have to rewrite the whole damn thing, only makes me hate that episode even more.



    Ironically you seem to be being karmically punished for your attempt to do a good deed.



    (Aside: you don’t seem to be being karmically punished for your attempt to do a good deed, you seem to be being karmically rewarded for your attempt to do a bad deed.)



    Whatever the case, Samsara done now. I still have Krysis, Can of Worms, Mechocracy, and Skipper to go. I did them out of order to keep it from getting too mind-numbing but that’s not panning out, it’s a pain in the ass.

    I’m trying to get them all done by February 15, for obvious reasons, so I’ll get back to work on the others tomorrow. Probably Mechocracy next, nice change of pace doing an episode I actually like.


    Nick R

    Judging by the current version of the Samsara article, User:Polyamorph doesn’t think the episode is notable enough to have an article of its own. :(



    That prick also did that to Krysis. What the hell is that asshole’s problem, I bust my ass making these and some cunt just gallops in and slaps a tag demeaning it. Honestly.



    What makes those episodes any less notable than Parallel Universe or Pete. I’d like that chucklefuck to tell me.



    Thank you Veni, these are great fun to go through.



    Thank you for the feedback. It bothered me seeing XI and XII with episode pages for so long, I just didn’t have the knowledge of how to fix it for so long.

    I don’t copy and paste the synopsis for episodes, I go by memory and occasionally putting the episode itself on for reference, so it takes some time. I try to keep it at three paragraphs everytime too. I’m the least proud of Samsara, cause I thought I had it the first time and had to rewrite what remembered.



    *without episode pages



    Polyamorph sure likes glass.



    Is Polyamorph suggesting Veni combine three pages into one?



    > What the hell is that asshole’s problem, I bust my ass making these and some cunt just gallops in and slaps a tag demeaning it. Honestly.

    Yep, that is what editing Wikipedia is like alright.



    So I sent him a message on his talk page asking what his issue with the episodes are and what I can do to sort them out, as I’m genuinely confused what his problem with them are. I’m not going to do Can of Worms and Skipper until I can hopefully get this sorted as I don’t want to risk any of my time being wasted for something he’ll possibly get deleted anyway.

    Unfortunate turn of events.



    How will we know if the other episodes are notable enough if you don’t make the pages?



    By whatever logic this guy is using, that’s very much up in the air.



    Right, what I’m getting from this guy is he wants more reviews, at least I assume cause he writes very legalese and vague on specifics. I’m going to try and add every review of these three episodes (knowing my luck, that number will quickly go up) available and try to save these articles.

    If anybody with reviews for Samsara, Krysis, or Mechocracy that isn’t from Den of Geek, Digital Spy, or CultBox can send it my way, I’ll appreciate it and add it to the article.



    If it can be from a “reliable source” as well, like RadioTimes or nearest equivalent, that’s what I’m looking for.



    If I’m honest, I’m so beaten with this stuff I can’t bring myself to hunt for this stuff, I’m not going to get the same online reviews like Series X got and it’s just that simple. It’s sad to say, but I’m afraid the man has got me by the balls here and there isn’t much I can do.

    I’d add Can of Worms and Skipper if I could, but this guy has surely got to be on my ass now after going out of his way to tag the three episodes and me now conversing with him. I don’t know what I can do here, so I’m pretty helpless on this.


    Stephen Abootman

    I haven’t checked these to see if the links still work but dug them up from a saved file from when I was collating the series reviews:






    Hey, thanks. I didn’t think anyone was gonna be able to help, but this has motivated me again. I’ll edit them into the articles and see how it goes.


    Stephen Abootman

    No worries, the original review scores were posted at the below below in case they’ve vanished:

    XI: https://www.ganymede.tv/forums/topic/xi-review-scores/
    XII: https://www.ganymede.tv/forums/topic/xii-review-scores/


    Ben Saunders

    The madman actually went out and found all those links. GG, that is very commendable


    Seb Patrick

    On the subject of the video release dates, incidentally, I’ve recently found more specific information about the dates for Series II and III (the ones where I’d previously had to be more general on TOS). Every episode/series in the Complete Guide on TOS should now have a VHS release date, so if anyone wanted to go through and add them on the Wiki as well, they’d be welcome to…

    (I feel like, much as I’d like to, in my capacity I can’t really go messing with the Wiki any more, as I know they frown on people actually connected with a thing working on it. But if you go back to the mid-late 2000s you’ll see an awful lot of work done by me to try and get it up to scratch from where it had been before then…)



    I did a hell of a lot of work cleaning up the main Red Dwarf article and adding technical information a few years back. Still proud of that effort.


    International Debris

    Right, I’m well fucking pissed off now. I just got done do the entire page for Samsara and load a preview only for Wikimedia servers to crash. God fucking damnit, I didn’t save the fucking shit now I have to rewrite the whole damn thing, only makes me hate that episode even more.

    Agh, fucking hell! This always happens on the very odd occasion I don’t do select all -> copy before pressing submit.

    Good work on these, anyway!



    Thank you so much.

    Speaking of which, I finally did Can of Worms: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Can_of_Worms_(Red_Dwarf)

    So now it’s just Skipper, and when the special finally comes out, I’ll do a page on that as well. I just hope I don’t get ass-blasted by the Wikipedia stormtroopers for not being relevant enough.



    I’m considering the bold move of removing the tags placed on Samsara, Krysis, and Mechocracy myself for three reasons:

    1. I do believe I’ve adequately addressed the problem with my past edits
    2. The user, Polyamorph, has OK’d my prior articles for Officer Rimmer, Cured, and Siliconia evidently by simply fixing the references for directing toward Ganymede & Titan and not adding the tag
    3. Nothing has been followed-up on the subject so if I don’t it’ll just be left in limbo for who knows how long

    I’m seeking some advice on how to proceed



    I remember back in 2003/4 or whenever wiki first got big, I got brave enough to edit the Richard Laymon (horror author) page. It was just to add some information about horror lit awards I knew he had won which his then tiny article didn’t mention. Someone else soon decided the page “needed an overhaul”, and rewrote the whole thing with better grammar/flow, including my addition.

    Of course not only has Laymon sadly passed away since then, his wiki page is now a huge monster going over his whole life and detailing in depth his influence on the current “splatter-punk” genre…



    Skipper is, and with it the entirety of Series XI and XII, are done: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skipper_(Red_Dwarf)



    “Skipper is are done”

    Just put me out of my misery


    Pete Part Three

    Classic Polyamorph.



    I tried taking a look at the home media releases on the Red Dwarf main page, however it seems really messed-up and beyond my frame of reference to really manage. I think it mainly stems from them all having categories in regions A, B, or C which complicates matters when you get to the Blu-ray releases and how you have situations like the I-VIII Blu-ray only being released in Japan and nowhere else in region A, but there being no convenient way to relay that information. Plus I’m unable to verify if the releases for region C concerning Back to Earth and XI are accurate, and assuming they are, I can’t find a release for X and XII since they’d surely have been included as well.

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