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    Stephen Abootman

    Contains some spoilers for Cured, for those who haven’t seen it yet. Otherwise, nothing we didn’t know about XII already.

    Couple of interesting bits at the end though:

    Doug: “You look at areas like DNA hacking for example. That’s quite an interesting area, there could be a show about that. I use things that emerge in the news and ideas occur. There are thousands of different possible stories I could do.”

    “So what about another series after this? “I think we’re going to do one,” said Charles.
    “The chances are high to certain,” chips in Naylor who adds that he is actually writing a series 13.

    They are also planning on a Red Dwarf tour – “a tour that doesn’t really move too far” jokes Charles. “We want to do as much as we possibly can as we’re running out of time. Have you seen the look of us?””


    Ben Saunders

    Another series is unsurprising but nice to hear, and they’ve been planning a tour since before Back to Earth, and I honestly don’t think it will ever happen


    By Jove its holmes

    I know that, unlike most series that are three decades on from their start, RD still has all its regulars alive but how many of the guest cast have died? Noel Coleman and Don Henderson are two.


    Pete Part Three

    John Abineri
    Ken Morley’s career


    By Jove its holmes

    Ken Morley

    Ken Morley in Allo Allo: “The candle! It was a stick of dynamite! Is my head on the right way ’round?”

    Von Klinkerhoffen: “Contact the Hospital! Fruitcake Ward!”


    pi r squared

    Jeillo Edwards



    Geraldine McEwan’s probably the biggest.

    Robert Addy too.

    And then there’s Graham Chapman who was booked and then died. Really strange time capsule to see Rob & Doug interviewed in TV Zone from the set of Backwards plugging that Chapman’s due to guest star.



    Robert Addie.



    Blimey, both of us said that at the same time.



    Oh, and Ronnie Barker was first choice for Hollister so he’d be gone too.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    Well, if we’re going for people who weren’t ultimately cast, Alan Rickman.





    Lemming Sunday

    Francine Walker-Lee



    Gordon Salkilld.



    The cat that played Frankingstein and various other aminal performers, presumably.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    Charles Armitage.


    By Jove its holmes

    Re: Chapman.

    Did Doug and Rob realise how sick Graham was when they booked him?

    Did *anyone* realise that Chapman was dying or was it kept private?



    According to Palin’s diaries Chapman couldn’t even speak by that point. Chapman really thought he was going to pull through, it’s such a sad story.

    Then again, had he lived he’d have inevitably been Yewtreed and that would have been Python written out of history, taking Timeslides with it, so, y’know.


    By Jove its holmes

    The most disturbing thing I got from a charity shop was David Hasselhoff’s ‘Making Waves’ which was signed to Tommy ‘Get well soon’.

    Guessing, since it turned up in the charity shop, Tommy showed no sign of improvement.



    I found a signed copy of Rob Grant’s “Colony” in a charity shop last year.


    Pete Part Three

    Rob Grant wrote Red Dwarf. Then he rewrote Red Dwarf and called it Colony.



    who the fuck is Charles?



    It is Prince Charles, who has of course been playing Rimmer since the character returned in series VIII.


    By Jove its holmes

    Kate Middleton as Kochanski and Princess Di as Gordon.


    Pete Part Three

    Princess Di was replaced as Gordon by Camilla Parker-Bowles for the Remastered version, anyway.



    I once bought a signed copy of Backwards from eBay for about a tenner and it isn’t signed.

    Paid 99p each for Infinity and BTL and they’re both signed by Rob and Doug.


    Pete Part Three

    My copy of Last Human is signed by Rob and my copy of Backwards is signed by Doug.


    Pete Part Three

    Oh no, hang on… the dust jackets are mixed up.


    By Jove its holmes

    I met Danny J-J at a convention around the time Napster was popular and I was ranting about the copyright mafia and Danny just said “you won’t be saying that when it’s your stuff getting pilfered!”.



    > Danny just said “you won’t be saying that when it’s your stuff getting pilfered!”.

    Which was only the truth!! What are you saying now??

    > Oh no, hang on… the dust jackets are mixed up.

    That’s what they all say.



    “Radio Times interview” is the title of this thread. It says so up there, look. ^

    So, speaking of interviews, there’s a fairly decent one appeared on Den of Geek yesterday.



    Peter Wragg, Mel bibby, Jo Howard,

    Terry Wogan.


    Ben Paddon

    “Den of Geek” and “fairly decent” are not terms that typically get used in the same sentence, but that was a surprisingly enjoyable read.


    Pete Part Three

    I’m rather fond of Den of Geek. (The UK variant)


    International Debris

    Depends on the article and who’s writing it, there’s some good stuff on there, and some lazy stuff. I enjoyed the Bond retrospective a few years ago.

    Good interview that. My favourite bit was Chris trying to get a rise out of Craig by mentioning Captain Butler and Craig completely ignoring him.



    Seb Patrick

    >“Den of Geek” and “fairly decent” are not terms that typically get used in the same sentence, but that was a surprisingly enjoyable read.

    As someone who’s been writing for Den of Geek since it was founded, albeit less so these days: oi.



    I thought Digital Spy was the one everybody hated?







    Also, Norman is a twat if nobody noticed.


    Kris Carter

    I want Hattie back for XIII please, powers-that-be. Ta.



    Doug didn’t really get into the topic of Hattie very well so it sounded like he was trying to deflect the question away on to model shots and budget.

    I do think Hattie deserves more from her time on the show even if its just a cameo since for at least 3 series she was a regular cast member playing Holly.


    International Debris

    Given that, because he’s tired of answering questions about it, Norman is now super-keen to get onboard again, I wonder if he’ll be part of XIII.



    I think Doug prefers not having to write for Holly regularly – it may depend on if he can come up with a storyline that requires him. And now it seems he may want Hattie back too…


    Stephen Abootman

    Ben Saunders

    That is a really nice interview. I’m glad Doug views making Dwarf as a labour of love, and I’m intrigued by his discussion of how he “basically directed” as far back as Series V. As well as him editing Back to Reality (apparently), I think I remember from the V documentary that he directed/did the typing/taranshula stuff in Quarantine.



    Fascinated to learn that the first four shows of X also had to be heavily rewritten because of the lack of location filming – I don’t think we knew that before, did we? Is the Series X we got totally different from the one Doug planned?



    Yeah I always thought it was 2 majorly rewritten, 2 scrapped, 2 stayed pretty much the same.

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