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    Has anyone watched all series sequentially from series I to series XI, and if so – how do you think Back to Earth, Series X and Series XI ‘sit’ at the end of the saga? I’ve just done it, and was pleasantly surprised at how I felt they compared to series I – VI. And I still think ‘Cassandra’ holds its own, and is better than a lot of X and XI.



    Additional: To be clear, I think series VII and VIII are practically unwatchable, Cassandra aside.


    Pete Part Three

    I don’t think I’ve watched Series VIII since the DVD was released. I guess now would be an appropriate time to revisit it.

    But fuck that.



    Watch them all. Go on. Every one from Series I to XI. in sequence. I double dare you. You may bring snacks and alcohol…



    Watch them all. Go on. Every one from Series I to XI. in sequence. I double dare you. You may bring snacks and alcohol…



    Hello sofajockey.

    Its red dwarf. Not Star Wars.

    The only Saga here is the very real chance of the cast being on
    The magazine of the same names cover next week.



    I’m doing the whole thing now, series 6 onwards for the first time.

    I watched 3-5 (maybe 6) during my schooldays. Later bought all the DVDs and saw 1-2 for first time, but stopped watching before Series 7. Updated the collection to complete with the next three series (and Bodysnatcher) with a plan to watch them all before Series 12.

    Currently at the last episode of S3. Many highlights so far of course. My favourite at the time was Back to Reality (I was, and am, a big Timothy Spall fan), but so far Kryten takes too honours. The original guy was great.



    Hello sofajockey.
    Its red dwarf. Not Star Wars.
    The only Saga here is the very real chance of the cast being on
    The magazine of the same names cover next week.

    As long as they rename it Saga Continuums then I’m fine with that.



    Hello Jonsmad

    Not Star Wars?

    Originally superb, got really shit – focus on technology over plot – disappointed massive fanbase. Came back after a break of many years, trading on old glories – was good, and a relief to fans, but still not as good as the originals. Hmmm…



    I sometimes forget series 8 and BTE exist.



    I’m watching through the show in order with a friend who’s never seen it. We just finished Legion. I’m actually planning to just skip Series VIII. I watched some of it again recently and it was just painful. I’d never outright disliked it before, more had serious reservations, but this time it was just bad. OK, Cassandra was OK, but Krytie TV and Pete just made me give up.

    I’d feel really awkward watching VIII with someone else, someone who I doubt would enjoy it any more than me. When I show people a show or movie I have a huge stake in them enjoying it, and when they find it really bad I just feel mortified with embarrassment, like I’m just a fucking moron for thinking they would like this. Stupid stupid stupid stupid.

    Besides, I can simply explain the ending to him so he can still appreciate the gag from The Beginning. I feel like skipping from VII to BtE would honestly be a lot less jarring than having the unfunny and bizarrely format-breaking VIII in there.



    Additional, I didn’t watch all the way to Pete. I watched Cassandra not too long ago, and then a few days back I watched Krytie TV, and then I tried to watch Pete. I was planning to finish VIII, but I just…I don’t want to. It’s just a slog to get through the worst episodes, downright boring and totally lacking in any focus.

    The shower stuff just made me downright uncomfortable, which never happened when I was younger. But I guess I have more perspective now as an adult.


    Ben Saunders

    I’m currently onto Series IV of my rewatch which I started a couple of weeks ago. What struck me immediately is how slow the pace is compared to XI, especially the pace of gags. The laughs are fewer and further between, and, sometimes, quieter. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen these episodes so many times as a child.

    I thought modern day cultural references were an issue with Dave Dwarf – but 80s references are everywhere in the early series, and almost all of them fly right over my head. What’s Ishtar? I only know who Carmen Miranda is because I googled it after watching Dwarf as a child. I don’t really know who Glenn Miller is, either, etc etc. It puts things like the FIFA joke, which irked me, into perspective.

    Danny John Jules really talks more Cat-y now than he did in the olden days. I don’t know if he overdoes it or underdid it.

    Robert Lewellyn’s fucking accent in Series III is horrific and all over the place. He is an instant improvement for IV.

    Large swathes of backstory are ignored and rewritten between II and IV but tbh I’m fine with it.

    There’s an awful lot of corpsing I never noticed when I was young, and Robert Lewellyn reading all his speeches off of idiot boards is really obvious and distracting. The piscene routine and “droid meets droid” are memorable examples of this.

    Craig acting in the background of shots trying to outdo Chris is hilarious.



    Every time my wife catches me watching Red Dwarf I sense that I go down in her estimation. Yesterday she caught me laughing at the start of Stoke Me a Clipper and she asked for a divorce.



    Are you sure the two things were related?


    Pete Part Three

    >I go down in her estimation

    Never heard it called that before.



    >Are you sure the two things were related?

    Of course: I am a virile and giving lover, a selfless father and husband, rich, tall, and blessed with a full head of hair and a triple polaroid.



    >a triple polaroid.

    is that three separate polaroids combined into one?

    also blimey you must be huge



    I sympathise Sofajockey – it can be quite difficult being an obsessive Dwarf fan when your partner isn’t.

    I guess mine knew what he was getting into when we met – I think the books, the posters and smegazine postcards all over my wall, and the fact that our first conversation consisted of me repeatedly declaring the shitness of the American pilot that I’d just seen (he’d never even watched the original) might have given it away.

    I spent the next couple of years introducing him to the show, which was just lovely as he really enjoyed all five series that I let him watch. (Strangely, I ‘hid’ series VI – I was still thinking of it as the new series, and I wasn’t sure whether it was quite in the same league as I -V. I’m still undecided on that actually.)

    All was going swimmingly, Dwarf-wise, until January 17th 1997 – and I think you can guess where I’m going with this. Needless to say, that was the last ‘new’ Red Dwarf episode that we ever watched together. Luckily, my teenage son is now a big fan, so balance has finally been restored to the force :)



    >Luckily, my teenage son is now a big fan, so balance has finally been restored to the force :)

    My three-year old adores the ‘it’s a banana’ scene. Particularly ‘smeeeeeee-heeeeeeeee’. Actually my wife loves a lot of series IV – and when she was pregnant she let me read her the books and even do all the voices. A poor man’s Chris Barrie, but my Kryten impression is now actually quite decent!

    But series X and XI left her cold. It’s interesting to get the impartial view of a comedy fan, who isn’t a Red Dwarf fan per se. She loved the books. Of course it’s the way you tell ’em.


    Me Own Stunts

    Cassandra only seems watchable when it’s viewed in sequence after the first few episodes of Series 8, where it stands out and even gives you hope that the rest of Series 8 isn’t as bad as you remembered. Taken without that context it’s a horrible episode, with pantomime gurning, Series 8 lobotomised characters, and illogical plotting galore. Urgh. Hate it.



    come to think of it, isn’t the logic behind most of Cassandra’s story really fucking broken? she’s trying to get rimmer and kochanski to shag, to punish lister because he kills her. but if she’s a computer that can see the future, she’ll already know that her plan wont work and it won’t punish lister whatsover. so is she just doing the whole thing for a laugh, or what?



    Given that it’s an episode that deals with ideas of determinism vs free will, I guess that might be a good place to start looking for an answer.



    RE: Cassandra. Yes the plot makes as much sense as a drug addict’s dream diary, and Ackerman seems to have wondered in from a matinee performance of Peter Pan at the Doncaster Pavilion, but for me, it’s a better, funnier, episode than Dear Dave.


    International Debris

    I could just about forgive some of the slightly lax plotting in Cassandra if it weren’t for the fact that “Kryten figured it out”. I know he has a good line in best guesses throughout the show, but there’s just no conceivable way he could have figured her plan out as there were no clues to it at all. He doesn’t even know they’re ‘supposed’ to sleep together (knowledge of which could at least help draw some conclusions). It’s a really bad bit of plotting stitched together badly.

    Otherwise yeah, it’s the only watchable standalone episode in VIII, but even then I’d only go so far as to say watchable and nothing else.



    “Only the Good…” might’ve been an at least watchable episode of VIII, but the absolute piss-poor editing choices ruin the episode and turn it into the most surreal Red Dwarf episode ever.
    there was a fanedit somewhere online called “Every Dog…” and it improved the episode by a clear mile. there was no Talia (who even is she?), the mirror universe was at least explained somewhat instead of it coming out of nowhere, and the original ending was restored, making it a much more complete episode.

    so maybe quite a fair bit of VIII’s problems lie in the editing room? there was similarly a fanedit of “Pete” which made the episode at least feel almost like Red Dwarf



    I’ve seen fan edits floating around on youtube but never bothered watching them as I don’t see how they can make them much different with the same footage.

    Are they worth a watch then? what do they actually do to make a change?


    International Debris

    The fan edits of VIII that I’ve seen all improve on the original on the grounds that a) structurally, VIII is a fucking nightmare and benefits hugely from tightening, and b) there’s less of it.



    I’m fine with “Kryten figured it out.” I’m not going to say it’s great writing on its own, but the episode is otherwise funny and interesting enough that I don’t mind. And I’m certainly not going to nitpick it because of that one line when the rest of the series is…y’know. What it is.



    >I don’t see how they can make them much different with the same footage.

    i’d argue the “Every Dog…” edit gives the episode a very different feel, for reasons mentioned in my previous post (e.g. deleted scenes added in so the mirror universe idea isn’t so hideously underdeveloped, the character of Talia entirely removed because nobody liked her tbh) so i’d recommend giving that a watch at the very least. it makes the episode feel more coherent, if nothing else


    Ben Saunders

    I’ve seen a couple fan edits but tbh they always go too far or remove stuff I think is funny/important so they just end up annoying me. I’m a purist anyway and want the original versions, warts and all.

    Stuff like the VIII edits you mention might be more interesting though, because the one’s I’m talking about are just “I took out three gags I didn’t laugh very hard at and messed around with the saturation”

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