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    What does the Dalek say before the ‘UWOT’ part? ‘you regret?’ though it sounds like ‘you twat’

    Been bothering me for over 30 years now.



    Well, there’s the (Dalek) “UWOT?” (shout) “UWOT?!”
    and the ‘bosh, bosh, bosh, Loadsamoney’ bit.

    Apart from the ‘We are the superior beings, we obey no-one’ and an ‘Exterminate’ or two, I think that’s it. So take your pick.



    Before the UWOT part what does the Dalek say?!!


    Pete Part Three

    Tog s’eh efil das, roop a tahw!! Gniyas M’i taht hsibbur eht tuo krow yllautca dna, dnuor ti nurt, gnidrocer siht fo dloh teg ot derehtob s’ohw yrtnuoc eht ni tarp eno eht gnisserdda m’i. Uoy gnisserdda yllautca ton m’i tub. Uoy ta gnitniop M’i. Uoy ta gnitniop t’nia I. Uoy t’nera, tig dlab, dedaeh-erauqs, diputs a era ouy?


    International Debris

    Pretty sure the Dalek says UWOT as well, but they aren’t using the best ring modulator on it so it’s hard to make out.

    As an aside, the square Daleks with the people’s feet visible at the bottom are one of my favourite things ever.



    Before the UWOT part what does the Dalek say?!!

    Note the previous reply:

    <,blockquote>there’s the (Dalek) “UWOT?” (shout) “UWOT?!”

    Sorry if that was too difficult to process.






    If anything it’s just made it more confusing.



    “Note the previous reply:

    <,blockquote>there’s the (Dalek) “UWOT?” (shout) “UWOT?!”

    Sorry if that was too difficult to process.”

    The Dalek doesn’t say that I’m sure. Says something like ‘you twat’ or something maybe it was a joke in that the Daleks voice disguises the rude word some what.



    The Dalek doesn’t say that I’m sure

    Fuck off, then.




    Yes because when I need to know the lyrics I always come and ask on G&T first. What the Dalek said is not included. Perhaps the inaudible aspect is the joke hence ‘uwot’ etc



    It was all a joke on Loadsamoney back then. You Wot.
    When I was a kid at school, we didn’t really ‘get’ Loadsamoney.
    Amusing chants among us eight year olds included “You what?! You what?! Y’what, y’what, y’what?!”
    Ah, great days.



    But what did the Dalek say before those amusing chants?



    Come on Si, stop keeping the answer to yourself.



    I didn’t realise this was a legit song. I thought it was something kids had made up to the tune of rock and roll.



    I didn’t know until I read recently that it had personnel connections with Star Trekkin’ by “The Firm”. All from elements of the same collective, making cynical novelty records with a Thatcherite zeal but shot through with an affected sneer of wankiness. More or less the same studio band on both, including Bill “and chief amongst the rabbits, here’s bloody Thumper” Drummond.

    The KLF are now, as far as I can ascertain, basically literal cult leaders now. Without any apparent irony.



    Well they are justified, and they’re ancient.


    International Debris

    I think you’ve missed the point in just about everything they’ve done, Darrell. They’ve never been ironic as such, but they’re exceptionally self-aware and satirical. They also believed strongly in everything they ever did. Bill Drummond is one of my favourite people ever. A wonderfully self-critical artist with an exceptional sense of humour, and probably one of the most relentlessly fascinating and entertaining situationist artists ever. As for cult leaders… I think that’s one of the strangest things I’ve ever read.

    Where’d you read about this Firm link, by the way? I know quite a lot about The KLF and have never come across that before. The KLF were literally just Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty (with a couple of studio guys helping out), there was no ‘studio band’ on the track as far as I know, as it’s almost entirely made of samples. They wanted to make a house version of the Doctor Who theme, realised it wouldn’t work without it sounding daft so just decided to go all out and make it totally ludicrous.



    I want to write the proper answer this post deserves but am occupado. I shall give a proper reply when I get chance!


    Plastic Percy

    The real question is, what time is Love?



    Annoyingly I can’t find the link and I am now realising it was a conversation between insidery types on a private FB group that I cannot copy publically from. Essentially the point was that The Firm were broadly the same team as used on JAMs sessions (people such as Brian O’Shaughnessy – and the KLF despite the self-mythologising did have a fair few people around them), and Bill Drummond was part of Star Trekkin’ (and did the Scotty voice). A lot of their legend is a bit of a con trick – they were very much of the 70s superproducer school of doing lots of wildcard projects under fake names then ‘unmasking’ themselves as the one or two that worked. (And Doctorin’ The Tardis isn’t samples by the way – it’s all reperformed.)

    I do stand by having zero time for the KLF though. They represented the ultimate music industry example of the plague of art-school Thatcherism around at the time – insincere cake-and-eat-it crap terrified to just be pop or bubblegum on its own merits and made all the more unbearable by all the retrospective mythologising and attempts to fake a conceptual continuity that was never there.

    As for the cult thing – a friend of mine is well into their stuff and goes to all of these regular meetings and events of theirs they now do. From the incredibly detailed writeups he puts online they sound *exactly* like a cult. (I don’t think he thinks that but I bloody do.) They seem to have them all doing unpaid labour for them half the time (via grand ‘instructions’) and they’ve got some of them to pledge their corpses when they die so they can cremate them and use the ashes in projects. That’s a cult.



    Next time he goes, could he ask them what the Dalek says before UWOT?

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